Overcoming Evil in the Last Days (Paperback) by Rick Joyner
Overcoming Evil in the Last Days (Paperback) by Rick Joyner
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The Radical Christian's Handbook for Uncovering and Defeating the Evil in Our Culture

"As Christians, we have no option as to whether or not we are going to do spiritual warfare―if we want to survive, we must fight."- Rick Joyner

We must fight the evil that is escalating in the earth, but your fight may look different than you think!

The coming harvest will bring a reaping of everything that has been sown, both good and evil.

Prophetic leader and author Rick Joyner exposes the three most powerful evil strongholds that together bind and control fallen mankind―racism, witchcraft, and the religious spirit. Discover the roots behind each of these strongholds, including the internal enemies of fear, pride, jealousy, guilt, and more.

In this book you will learn:

  • 10 things we can do to identify and be delivered from the religious spirit.
  • How to combat the modern version of witchcraft.
  • How racism is rooted in two of the most basic evil powers that plague mankind.
  • How to overcome the primary stronghold that empowers the spirit of death.

Rick's practical, detailed strategies will bring powerful transformation so you can wield the powerful weapons of love, faith, humility, forgiveness, and more. When you battle from a place of freedom, you’ll win every time!

What readers are saying:

"Rick Joyner’s best yet!"

“This thought-provoking book wakes up the sleeping Church to stand in these days.”

“This book should be read and studied in every Christian church.”

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