Medical Doctors Present Scientific Evidence of Divine Healing at Conference in Indonesia

Medical Doctors Present Scientific Evidence of Divine Healing at Conference in Indonesia

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JAKARTA, INDONESIA (ANS) -- More than 400 physicians from 13 countries gathered November 2-3 for the WCDN South East Asia Conference in Indonesia, in which medical doctors presented scientific evidence of divine healing.

WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network) is an international Christian medical organization that addresses not only urgent questions facing the Christian medical community today, but is also the first of its kind that objectively confirms and examines instances of healing by the power of God.

The theme of the unique gathering was "Spirituality and Medicine" and was held under the auspices of the WCDN.

During the conference, Dr. David Prentice, Ph.D. (Senior Fellow for Life

Dr. David Prentice

Sciences at Family Research Council, a Washington, DC-based think tank) gave a lecture titled: "Stem Cells Therapy."

Dr. Fortunato L. Cristobal, Ph.D. (Dean of Medical Faculty of Zamboanga, the Philippines) also gave a lecture on Spirituality & Medicine.

Real medical data backing the claims were presented by physicians on healing cases such as infantile paralysis, comminuted fracture, astigmatism, and many other healing cases of incurable and terminal diseases.

When the presentations of God's healing were complete, the audience responded with applause and then shared with one another about the grace they had just received.

General view of the WCDN conference

As physicians from 13 countries discussed the future of the WCDN, they exchanged ideas and opinions for further development of the network.

"Many doctors have interest in our congress. They came to learn about divine healing," said spokesperson for the WCDN South East Asia Conference.

"Our vision to make the members of WCDN good doctors where they can work with a professional standard and also can give their testimony and spread the Good News to other people," concluded the spokesperson.