Nigeria Evangelical Missionary Association to Send 50, 000 Nigerian Missionaries Through Vision5015

Nigeria Evangelical Missionary Association to Send 50, 000 Nigerian Missionaries Through Vision5015

By Success Kanayo Uchime
Special to ASSIST News Service

JOS, NIGERIA (ANS) -- It is really awesome what the Lord is doing in Nigeria, with the vision of The Nigeria Evangelical Missionary Association (NEMA) to mobilize, train and also send 50, 000 Nigerians in 15 years as gospel bearers to core Northern Nigeria, Africa and the Arab Peninsula then back to Jerusalem, through its Vision5015.

Rev. Timothy Olonade

This is contained in a statement by the Association's Executive Secretary, Rev. Timothy Olonade in its Jos headquarters, adding that more than 100 top missions' leaders representing 80 agencies, churches and organizations that are actively sending missionaries from Nigeria have affirmed this vision.

He stated that Vision5015 is indeed a bold step for the Nigerian church, which is dealing with its own Islamic, anti-Christian northern territory pointing out that there is unanimity in the church that the time has come to march the gospel to places that have not heard.

Olonade further said that NEMA is prompted to pursue this set vision considering the fact that about 321,210,890 people from Northern Nigeria, North Africa through the Arabian Peninsula are yet to hear the gospel, and that the Association is convinced that this is the time for the Nigerian people, churches and agencies to come together to make sure that the remaining task is accomplished through Vision5015.

"The church in Nigeria is being sensitized to release her best 50,000 youths in the next 15 years to take the gospel back to Jerusalem. In partial completion of the task, our training arm, Nigerian Evangelical Mission Institute (NEMI) has introduced the Training of Trainers (TOT) program, which is geared towards providing both initial training and on-going education," he added.

According to Olonade: "To meet the task, more qualified and experienced manpower are needed. Also needed is a regular flow of support for administrative operations, materials, books, training equipment and computers."

He opined that NEMA as a coalition of 95 churches and missions organizations working among 250 unreached people groups in 56 countries with 5,200 Nigerian missionaries around the world has been positioned by God to help the Nigerian church fulfill her mandate to reach the world.

The Executive Secretary stated that as a multi ministry platform that provides training, resources and logistic support for member agencies and churches in Nigeria for fruitful, effective and efficient outreaches, NEMA seeks synergistic alliances to advance missions in and out of Nigeria.

"And as a rallying point for missionary-sending churches in Nigeria, NEMA will continue to need the involvement of all Nigerian churches towards its leadership/manpower development growth, joint research projects, resource sharing and provision of culturally appropriate evangelism and discipleship insights. Together we endeavor to facilitate strategic partnership and alliance across denominational divides with Pentecostals, Evangelicals, mainline and independent denominations to ensure the gospel gets to the unreached peoples in Nigeria and Africa," Olonade further said.

NEMA is a networking association and fellowship forum for the missions' movement in Nigeria comprising of missions agencies, organizations and churches who come together under one umbrella to foster the work of missions in Nigeria.

It assists and empowers mission agencies and mission-sending churches in the proclamation of the gospel and the making of disciples among all peoples, languages and geographical areas in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. They help to initiate strategic partnership among members to share ministry resources, information and training including faith based specialized/holistic training and other related matters.

Also NEMA exists to mobilize, assist and equip the Nigerian Church and the missions' movement to a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness in the preaching of the gospel and discipleship. And it pursues the unity in ministry, upholds evangelical truth and principles as evident in all its leadership development programs. For more log on to

Success Kanayo Uchime is a Nigerian missionary-journalist. He is the President of Kingdom Missions Outreach Inc.(KMO). He holds an Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria, Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Christian Ministry and Missions respectively from Go Ye Christian University, U.S. A. At present he lives in the Philippines with his family preparatory to moving over to Thailand to continue his foreign mission assignment. He's the Editor in Chief/Moderator World Mission News (WMN), an on-line mission news service. Uchime is a member of Journalist for Christ Nigeria (JFCN), Committee of Concerned Journalists, Washington D.C, U.S.A, etc. He's the author, Every Christian A Missionary, Your Church Can Go For Mission, The Rudiments of Biblical Fasting, Jesus Christ the Ultimate Messiah. For more information about him log on to kanayo4missions.googlepages.comOR