The DNA For Signs & Wonders by Ryan Wyatt

By Ryan Wyatt

The DNA For Signs & Wonders

by Ryan Wyatt


Because we carry the DNA of our Father in Heaven individually and corporately, we are by definition people who carry the glory of God, people who perform signs and wonders and who live out of the fullness of their inheritance here and now on earth.


God's purpose for the Church as the corporate Body/Bride of Christ is for her to display the Kingdom of God just as Jesus did when He walked the earth as an individual person. He displayed the Kingdom and so should we. Although humanity was handicapped greatly by the repercussions of the failure of our forefather Adam, God has pursued His purpose relentlessly, manifesting Himself to and through the prophet-and-priest culture of Israel, tabernacling with His people, and eventually sending His Son to redeem people for His Kingdom and remove the handicaps inherited from the first Adam.


As the Body of Christ, we are now the royal priesthood (a reflection of the priesthood of the tribe of Levi), operating as mediators between Heaven and earth. The Church of Jesus Christ is now the holy nation of God. Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, we are colonizing the earth, importing a culture of heavenly glory wherever we find ourselves.


How does this play out in our lives?


I will give you an example that may seem to be exceptional, but I think it should be more common among us. I was getting ready to minister in New York City, and I went into a trance. (A trance is like a Holy Ghost anesthesia. When you are in a trance - as Peter was when he had the vision of the unclean foods in Acts 10 - God shows you things you might not be able to accept if He didn't put you into a trance first.)


When I was in the trance, I had a vision in which a young woman walked up to me and told me her name and different things about her life. After the vision ended, the Lord said, "I want you to call her out by name in the meeting and then prophesy to her; it will be a sign and a wonder."


Her name was an odd name and the church was a French sidewalk church in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. So I was supposed to call out this person by a very unique name in a group of only 40 or 50 people. When you call out someone's name in a larger meeting, you stand more likelihood of getting close to the right name, so this felt risky. But I went ahead and did it that evening. Sure enough, thank God, she was there! I delivered the prophetic word, remembering that the Lord had said there would be a miracle because of this. As I spoke out the word to the young woman, I could feel a tangible glory coming from behind me and passing through me, and the instant it passed through me, tears shot from my eyes. Then the glory hit the young woman, who, as it turned out, hardly ever came to church but just happened to be there that day. She was far from God, living with two men. I never got close enough to touch her, but the glory of God hit her so powerfully that she went down to the ground. The power went back about ten rows and you could see it touch row after row; people would just begin to weep as it hit their row. The effect of the glory stopped at about the tenth row.


At the end of the meeting, a lady walked up and I remembered having seen her in about the tenth row. She said, "I am one of the most powerful New Agers in East Village. I am a local palm reader. Everybody knows me." She said, "I know spiritual power, and what I experienced here today, I think it might have been love." She didn't know for sure because, as she said, "I never in my life experienced power like that. That's greater power than I have ever operated in. I have decided that I want to know this Jesus."


Just be Available


You see, the presence of God's glory was like a substance in that place. All I did was to be available, to come into the place obediently, and to invite Him to do His work. The presence of the glory of God's Kingdom is like an overshadowing when God's DNA infuses human nature with His. The signs and wonders that result from the exercise of the prophetic gift are byproducts of the glory of God, activated by His Spirit.


All we have to do is to be available. We worship Him. We enter into His presence. We welcome Him and we welcome whatever manifestation of life He chooses to bring with Him. As we do so, soaking in His glory, He releases us further from the bonds of earth, and we find identity as His sons and daughters, people of signs and wonders. No longer do we suffer from condemnation or a shame mentality. No longer must we battle through extra spiritual warfare because of our performance mentality. We display Kingdom life because we are blood relatives of the King. We belong to Him and He wants to gives us His Kingdom.


People who hunger and thirst for the essence of God will be satisfied. God will overshadow them. They will be marked with His substance and transformed by His glory, able to manifest His life wherever they find themselves. The Kingdom will be earthed.


Ryan Wyatt

Abiding Glory Ministries


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