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In this day, no one needs a tutorial with a litany of how the world has changed in the last few years in so many ways. What you may be experiencing that you did not ask for, could not predict and would never have chosen to happen is already in place. It is not eternal, but it is not going away. And it is you who must adjust. The Good News that remains forever true is that the Lord God has already arrived at this specific place and time ahead of you, prepared the way before you knew you would need one, and provided sufficient, overcoming grace for the journey.
In one of His most confrontational statements Jesus said, "I have come to bring fire on the earth." There are times in the Scripture in which fire is a symbol of judgment but in the great majority of references fire is used to point out God's divine presence. His words make it clear that the meaning behind His words, "I have come to bring fire" refers to something more than a cozy flame to cuddle up to! In this unique statement from Jesus the fire He is speaking of is not literally fire as in flames but a spiritual representation.
There is a significant shift happening right now, even today, a shift of deliverance. The chains that have held you tightly are breaking and your roots are going down deeper into His love. There is a fresh baptism of fire upon the people of God, a baptism of the fire of His love that is going to deal with the strongholds of fear, anxiety, terror, torment and chaos. The strongholds are being SUDDENLY shattered. He is uprooting unbelief caused from past hurts/wounds and lies/strongholds of the enemy and burning them up.
The Wind of Change is starting to blow through our lives and will continue through May. It is revealing things we will need to change and clean up to get us into the new season coming. Don't be discouraged during this process. Many people will be tempted to not recognize the season we are in—that God is continuing to do a deeper pruning time in our lives. It is important not to miss this opportunity to grow and go. You will need this to position yourself for the coming breakthrough. As God matures you spiritually and we go deeper in the Lord, what was dead in one season might still have small roots or tentacles alive deeper down. So don't be surprised or discouraged if you find yourself having to repeat some deeper cleansing in your life.
And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory. Isaiah 6:3 KJV We continue to study our theme, which is of being great encouragement within the discipline of meditation. We need to remember that Isaiah was a priestly prophet. He was well acquainted with the workings of the temple duties from the sacrifices in the outer courts, to the altar of incense in the holy place, the maintenance of the lampstand, and the most holy place where the Glory resides. So this vision is not far removed to Isaiah's knowledge of what can happen in that dedicated temple. It is essentially the place where God meets with His ordained priests to minister atonement and covering for sin.
You know those painful, messy, broken pieces we don't let too many people see? Yeah, those. Well, Jesus sees and knows. He knows we all have some pieces that are in need of mending. He sees and hears those bruised places calling out for His beautiful touch. And sometimes we just need to be reminded that HE LOVES US THROUGH IT ALL. That He aches when we ache. That He weeps with us. We don't have to pretend or perform. We don't have to try and act fine when we're really not because He already knows the truth of our scars and stories. He's already seeing us eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart.
By now most of you saw or have heard about the mistake made at the Academy Awards last night when the wrong envelope was given to the presenters causing the wrong movie to be called out for best movie. Our family was watching during this moment and as it did it hit my spirit as a significant sign of "things and decisions being overturned for God's people". For a moment (in the Oscar moment) everyone thought that the announcement was a joke. People will be saying the same thing about your miracle. I hear God say
Last night while I was just loving on the Lord in a sweet moment of worship, He spoke to me saying, "There is now a releasing of three keys," and He then took me into a vision. In the vision I saw myself stepping from my kitchen into my dining room. I stood in the dining room, looking down at my feet. I then saw Him lay a key on the floor in front of my feet. As I reached down to pick it up He said, "This one is wisdom." I began to take a step forward and then saw that on the floor in front of me was a door (in the floor).
We reach people in different ways because people see things in different ways, and that difference also makes them pray in different ways! Jesus taught us to be concerned about 24 hours at a time: "Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof," He said. "Enough already!" is what He was really saying. "Be in the moment. Handle right now." And we know this process is how many people get over big problems. There is a progression, one step at a time! You cannot take the better step 5 until you get past your 1, 2 and 3! But people really do think differently and some of that could be your ministry gift. I remember praying for a sound box (amplifier) and recorder for our meetings in Houston one time, and people started asking me "what kind? What features?"
When Patrick was sixteen years old the Picts and Scots began to raid the coast, plunder and take hostages. One of the most victorious of these 'Sea kings' was Niall, surnamed, "Of the Nine Hostages" (because he took hostages from nine places). It was during one of Niall's raids that Patrick was taken hostage one day, along with a maid-servant, his sister, Lupita, and some other companions.



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