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There is a good fire and a bad fire, and both are intense. And fire that can be used for good, can also be very destructive. This is one good reason WHY we need to have the honor, fear and respect of God. Many have a spooky or unnatural fear of God and this denying of reality is a burden to God. Who can face things head on and discern what is really going on, especially behind the scenes?
The signs of purpose are all around us. Yet, often we don't see them for ourselves. It's possible that others do, but it takes insightfulness to look beyond the surface. Many do not know how to do that with themselves, much less someone else. Man looks at the outside but God looks at the heart. In order to see what God sees we have to get outside of ourselves to get past our everyday mundane perceptions and put on new eyes. It's like sitting near a body of water and no longer looking at the surface but refocusing into the depths to see below the surface.
The poem of the judge (scribe, officer) and prophet Deborah and the warrior Barak highlighted Israel's victory over the Canaanites during one of the most tumultuous times in ancient biblical history. In the poem they sang (Judges 5), they listed the warriors responsible for Israel's victory. Among them were a devout, royal group who carried the "commander's staff" or the "marshal's staff."
When Moses said, "Show me Your glory," he was really saying, "Please show me the inner reality of who You are. Let Your glory come down and in that glory, let me know You. Let me know Your character by revelation. Then God showed Moses His glory, and started to reveal His character, "I am the Lord who is compassionate, gracious, slow to anger..." But make no mistake, this wasn't a crash course in God's character. It wasn't head knowledge Moses received.
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.  The lion hath roared, who will not fear?  The Lord God hath spoken, who can but prophesy? Amos 3:7-8 Much can be learned from the writings of Jewish sages and rabbis, not found in the Bible but kept and handed down for centuries.  I have discovered something very significant, taught by these sages and rabbis regarding the prophetic fulfillment of the Feasts of God. The three main feasts are Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles, with Passover and Tabernacles being three part feasts, making a total of seven feasts.
Things are shaking in the world today, and that which is built upon deception, lies, hate, and perversion is coming down. I want to preface by stating that this is not meant to be a spooky, weird, or scary prophetic word, even though I normally don't prophesy like this. Make sure and read to the end because God is good, and this shaking is good for us, good for the world, and good for the Body of Christ. There is a lot of shaking taking place in the world today. Not a physical shaking but a spiritual one.
We are to desire the gifts of the spirit and especially prophecy.  The Bible says in the last days I will poor out my spirit on all flesh. It says your sons and daughters shall prophesy and your old men shall dream dreams.  So in the last days people will be hearing from God through prophecy, dreams and visions. We can also hear the Lord through that inner voice or some people and audible voice sometimes but mostly an inner voice.  But are these things reliable?  Can we always go by prophecy, dreams, visions and that voice?  The truth is no.  I have heard from the Lord for others many times. 
When a pregnant Mary came up on the inn, ready to deliver, I doubt she heard "there are no rooms" and thought, "oh perfect, things are going exactly as planned!" We have no way of knowing, but in my own experience with God I think more than likely this detail was not one she expected. Don't we all hit those unexpected hiccups on the way to our destinies? In fact, in the midst of the very MOMENT OF BIRTHING God's plans. She could have questioned God and why He wouldn't provide a room for her. She could've even second-guessed that they were in the right place or that the timing was right. She could've even doubted her calling entirely because of how DIFFICULT the situation had become.
"Man one thing is for sure and that is that this Christian walk is so hard," said a man on a plane I had the opportunity of speaking with in a recent trip. Unfortunately the reality is that for many of us our encounter with Jesus is nothing more than a mental illusion instead of the spiritual experience it was always meant to be. Even though we make a decision to follow him, and try really hard to do it, we do so from our minds and not our hearts. This is why so often Christianity is so hard and so many of us give up on it and God, as we believe that if practicing it is that hard then God must be equally hard to relate with.
I heard the Lord say, "Get ready for promotions and things to start happening quickly this year." … I am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly. Isaiah 60:22 NIV Many people have been waiting for God to move in their lives, and also bring a much-needed revival to the world. Get ready for things to begin lining up like never before. Expect to hear the voice of God much more clearly, as you are being called up to a new level of breakthrough and maturity. The spiritual atmosphere is very ripe for something new. God is moving and preparing for a radical revival that will start first in our own lives. We have endured a dry season in which many people have not seen the fulfillment of prophetic words and promises from God. Watch for the Lord to bring His instructions to you.





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