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I like the Holy because the Holy will take you ABOVE natural life into the supernatural. Many avoid the supernatural because they don't go, or know how to go there in real life. But if you work at learning it in God, (and you will make some mistakes, but He will see you through if you are sincere), but if you are working at learning it IN God, you will find a lot of treasures and helps! Of course the Bible is our foundation. Some of my biggest mistakes have put me on the solid ground to look up! Sometimes your number of friends may be less because not everyone around you wants to "go there," but you don't have to be "weird" to go there, or ritualistic.   You just have to be real with God!
Walking in dream language and tapping into the mind and heart of God can be an exciting and exhilarating journey. But understanding and interpreting the revelation He gives in dreams can often be a complex and even confusing process.
Understanding the ministry of the prophetic scribe is a "game-changer" for the apostolic-prophetic community. It opens us a well of comprehension and resources that acts like glue among the body, bringing some critical foundation into focus. As we embrace this season, I want to identify 10 areas that I believe the office of the scribe is being used to open up in the earth today. Prophetic ministry is powerful, and it is the season of the scribe to have IMPACT as eyes are opened to this fresh anointing.
I'm hearing Jesus say: You're not sure about Me anymore. You thought you knew Me and what I'm all about but now you question everything. You've always been a person of faith but the hardships of this life have worn you down and taken a heavy toll. You're exhausted by what's happened and also by empty religion. You're thinking I must be done with you. So much has happened; so much has changed, and it's all taken a harsh, meaningless and almost hopeless tone. You say you can't hear Me speaking to you anymore and wonder why I'm so silent. You're even wondering if you have been a total fool for believing all that you once held to be true.
Not long ago I sat listening to someone speak about their relationship with God and the way He involved himself in this persons life. As I sat there I saw the face of yet another individual light up when he began to explain to me how God paid him from time to time, in an amazing way, a visit in his life. Inevitably every time I hear something like this I am led to ask the person where was God all those other times when he was supposedly not visiting them in an amazing way? And believe me that while I understand what people mean I see this picture as being the same as someone saying that within their marriage the only time they are aware of their partner is when they are having sex with them.
We need restoration today. A key area is in regard to honoring the Gifts Christ gave to the Church (see Ephesians 4:11). Many have either lost this understanding or abandoned this practice through neglect. Others were perhaps not taught, or have never seen it modeled in a Spiritual environment. Regardless, true honor must be restored as part of what it means to actually worship The Father "in Spirit and Truth" (John 4:24). God not only deserves and desires such honor; it is His condition for the Spirit to fully reveal Christ among us.
I heard the Lord say today "Sing over the unrested parts of your heart." I saw many in the body of Christ battling with "unrest" in their hearts for different reasons. These places of the heart were battling with fear, anxiety, doubt and many other things. I watched as hearts swirled inside, but the swirling was not sent by the Lord. It was a swirling caused by issues of the past, areas the enemy was triggering, and places of uncertainty.
Psalm 63:5 "My soul will be satisfied as with marrow and fatness, and my mouth will praise You with joyful lips." We live in a society that is geared to look for satisfaction in so many things – whether it is in what they have, where they live, a title, power or who they are associated with. But there is only one place we can find contentment and our true identity. That place and person is God Himself. When you truly find satisfaction in the Presence of God nothing else really matters. One of the Ten Commandments is "thou shalt not covet." What is covetousness? It is the yearning to possess something and never being satisfied with what you have. It is a continual cycle of dissatisfaction.
"Daughters of kings are among your honored women; at your right hand is the royal bride in gold of Ophir." Psalms 45:9 "Now the king was attracted to Esther more than to any of the other women, and she won his favor and approval more than any of the other virgins. So he set a royal crown on her head and made her queen instead of Vashti." Esther 2:17 There's nothing more charming than a woman in love, preparing to wed the man of her dreams, except when that woman is the beloved and beautiful Bride of Christ who is smitten with her King! In Psalms 45 we read about an upcoming royal wedding where the queen wears a one-of-a-kind stunning gold gown.
When I was little I told my parents I wanted to be a "chireman." I couldn't say "fireman" at the time, but that wasn't going to stop me from saving people from burning buildings. Then it was Batman. Then it was a full-time musician. I'm none of those things now (though I'm still working on the Batman part), and that's totally okay. It's okay that you aren't doing what you dreamed you would be doing.






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