Judgment Against America is Not Yet Determined. The Church Determines it. Pray and Vote! by Bob Jones

By Bob Jones
Judgment Against America is Not Yet Determined. The Church Determines it. Pray and Vote!
by Bob Jones
Bob Jones and Paul Keith Davis Speak Candidly about this Crucial Time of the Church Standing and Voting

The following words by both Bob Jones and Paul Keith Davis are from a session transcribed from the conference, "Destiny Doors Opening into the Supernatural," which was held on August 31, 2006 in Nashville, Tennessee: 

Bob Jones:

Recently, I've been asking the Lord, "I've been hearing so many judgment prophecies against America." And always before, He's told me before when these things were going to happen. And I was wondering if my ears had gotten dull.

So finally, I heard Him say:

"A judgment against America is not determined yet. The Church determines it."

And if the Church gets behind Israel, there'll be mercy. And if the Church gets and keeps supporting the poor like they do, and America has a heart for the poor, these two things will keep major judgments from happening. It won't keep the shaking from happening, the shaking has already started. But a year ago February, the shaking started here, to bring this purpose into being.

To Those Over 50 Years of Age

One of the things I've been challenging all of us over 50 years old--Raise your hand. You're the Joshua generation! And most of you have got your eyes on retirement and dying. Instead of retiring--be rehiring, and beginning to show the next generation how to not make the mistakes you made. You've got--knowledge, plus experience, equals wisdom. The experience that you've got is pain and failure. You've got enough of that, to where the next generation and the youth are going to come without numbers--they're going to come. But if there's not some wise mothers and fathers behind them, it'll take them as long as it took you to overcome.

But with some wise fathers and mothers over 50, they can show the way across Jordan. They can get behind them, advise them, oversee them, finance them--just don't get in front of them. But with that, they'll go on. So the closer you come to the Lord, the longer you live. So if you're 85, get a vision of 115, or 120. For the closer you get, the longer you're going to live.

Our Prayers Stopped World War III

Another thing I wanted to share (Paul Keith and I--we've brought a lot of things through the years, Keith has had this on his website) is about the Basilisk (a season of time)--it's 3 weeks--the 12th of July through the 3rd of August. The words we were bringing for months, is be praying for Israel, especially starting on the 12th, and really on the 3rd, because the war will start on the 12th, and it will begin to de-escalate on the 3rd of August. This is exactly what he did, and I believe that satan's intent in these 3 weeks of the straights, is to start the 3rd World War.

I believe the Church stopped it, for you were absolutely praying.

Well, if the 3rd World War would have started, all hell would have broken loose in the United States.

The Burning Bush

You need to continue to pray for the One New Man, which is the Church in Israel. Now, on July 6th in Dallas Fort Worth, Keith and I brought a word on July 6, 1999, that the Lord has a choice who the President would be. It was a "burning Bush." And that this man would not turn against Israel, but there would be a foot of troubled water the whole eight years of his administration. That's been about right! But he was the Lord's choice, he was a beginning.

And three things that he would do (Bush)--he would speak out about bringing prayer back into schools, he would define marriages, and he would support three Supreme Court Judges if the Church got behind him.

And that the Church is the one who determined whether he would be elected or not. I brought those words in Panama City, FL. I said that it would be equal across the board, and the Church would determine it. There were three Churches in Panama City, FL. that actually determined it. One of them was a black Church, and there were two white Churches. He (Bush) won the election the first time, with 341 votes, in the Panhandle of Florida.

Justice in this Nation

Now, it didn't look like these things were going to happen much until about less than a year ago, and yet two Supreme Court Judges have been appointed now.

But we need to begin to do war for that now-- for the third Supreme Court Justice to be appointed and affirmed--RIGHT NOW. It's so hard to activate the Church before something happens.

In 2001, there were at least four times that I asked the Church to pray about the buildings that were already bombed once in New York City (the Twin Towers), most of them didn't get a hold of it. And two years before that, I even brought the date, and asked them to mark their calendar--September 11th.

Now I'm telling you, your children's children's children, and this nation depends on it. We're in a key time. A key portal of time. And it's NOT in the next Presidential election, ITS IN THE NEXT THREE MONTHS--THIS NOVEMBER 7th. And the Church should really get activated, because there's not many people that are going to get up and vote on this thing.

If the Church votes, you can vote in the Conservative. We're at the point now that (the third Supreme Court Justice) there's going to be a case come up before them shortly-- concerning South Dakota. South Dakota has made a rule that they'll have no abortion clinics in South Dakota.

But the liberals are going to take it up, and on up, until they try to get it overthrown. But if this third Supreme Court Justice "is in" when they do, then that's the first domino that will fall. That will begin to end abortion--WE'RE IN A KEY TIME.

The rest of the word is this--you should be praying over this too. The word was, if the Church gets up, the Lord will be preparing a second man or a second person. I don't think it was a man, but a person for the next Presidency, and another eight years they would lead this nation back from darkness to light. This righteous man would begin to bring righteousness back in here.

And if you remember right, a year and a half ago, when I preached the Cross here, it was about justice, which is morals and righteousness, which is spirituality. And this is what this man would bring back in.

Well, the Lord has been preparing a man, and we need to begin to pray for the next President right now. For how this nation goes, is not determined by the devil, nor politics, it's determined by the Church. The Church is what determines it. You determine it.

    Paul Keith Davis:

Justice--both Judgment and Blessing

Everything that Bob has been sharing so far, has to do with a certain attribute of the Lord's nature that is about to be revealed today. And the reason that so much of the prophetic community seems divided in this area--where one camp is prophesying judgment, while another camp is prophesying blessings. And you might think "Well, how could both be true?", and the fact of the matter is, both are true.

There is judgment coming, and there is blessing coming. Because the Lord is coming in this next move, as the Overcoming King to execute justice.

If you understand Justice, there are two arms to the scales of Justice. There is one arm that receives a blessing, a verdict is rendered on behalf of one party at the expense of another party. He's coming to reward the righteous and bring judgment upon unrighteousness. Everything Bob has talked about so far from the realm of "some are prophesying judgment, while others are prophesying blessing," all has to do with this whole realm of justice, in the Lord's revelation.

You might think, "Well why--what does this have to do with us here, the fact that there is a Supreme Court Judge nominee, because it's in the realm of justice?" It's in the realm of this spiritual dynamic that's being reconciled, because the Church was asleep at the wheel over several decades, and seemingly we woke up one day and all of a sudden, we were griping about the fact that we have all these unrighteous judges making unrighteous decisions, and we're having to live with it.

When in fact, the enemy foresaw something that we didn't--he realized that it wasn't the political arena, but it was the judicial arena that had the real power to sway the direction and the morality of the nation.

Basilisk--A Season of Time

And so there is a reconciliation that is taking place today, and also this whole thing about Basilisk. Bob just barely skimmed the surface, but that's actually in the Bible. There is a season of time (it's in the book of Zechariah), where it talks about the fasts of certain days. And historically going all the way back to the days of Moses, there has been a season of time that has lasted 21 days where the enemy seemingly prevailed.

On our website, we have listed dozens of events historically that have taken place all the way from Antiochus, coming into Jerusalem in 70 AD, after the prophecy of the Lord Jesus, where He ransacked Jerusalem for 21 days and on the 9th of AV, He burned down the temple--that was the most pronounced season of time.

Moses threw down the 10 Commandments and broke them in this timeframe.

The Jewish people were expelled from Spain by the hundreds of thousands during this timeframe.

All kinds of things have taken place. Here is why that is important--because there have been seasons where the enemy has seemingly prevailed. There is a Scripture in I Corinthians 2, that is paramount for this whole principle that Bob is talking about right now, and the Scripture is this--if the enemy had understood the mystery of God, he would not have crucified the Lord of Glory. Now there's a mystery at work.

God is The Just Judge

Why would the Lord lift His hand and allow 57 million of His own children to be butchered at the hands of paganism? Why did He allow that?

Because He knew that at the end of the age, there would be a season of time when He would manifest Himself on the earth, and He would reveal Himself as the Just Judge. And He will slam His gavel down, and He is going to render a verdict in favor of the saints, and all of the injustice that has been done over centuries will be reconciled in a single generation balancing the scales and here we are--living in the very day that we'll see that happen.

Now you know, many people raised their hands that are 50 and above, and I'm almost 50, I'm 49 (Bob's almost 50). You know, the enemy has messed with me over my life, and I'm pretty anxious for the Lord to come as the "Just Judge." I'm ready for some things to be reconciled in my own life, aren't you?

Here is the whole thing--as we pray for a Supreme Court Judge, it's almost as if the Lord is saying, "If you'll take care of that for Me, I'll take care of this for you." There's a dynamic, and we're here in Nashville, trying to open a portal. You have needs in your life and you're wondering, "Let Washington take care of itself, I have some personal needs." Well, it's almost as if, if we take care of these Kingdom matters, because this affects the whole spiritual dynamic, then it releases something geographically and individually that changes us forever.

So what He's sharing has everything to do with this meeting, it has everything to do with you. Because I'm anxious for the Lord to come as we begin to agree with Heaven to bring the Lord down; He's not going to come as a Lamb this time. He's going to come with an entirely different aspect of His character and nature that we've never seen before. He's never come to the earth as the Judge.

Can you imagine what that's going to look like? Revelation 1 has a picture of it, and we're beginning to see this image of the Lord coming, with feet like burnished bronze and hair like wool, and eyes like flames of fire, if you've ever seen flaming eyes of fire--you will be changed forever, believe me. And that's how the Lord is coming.

I didn't want you to disengage because this is crucial for where we are now, and it's a strategy of Heaven. And one of the things you and I need to understand from now on--if the enemy had understood the mystery of God, he would not have messed with you. Every time he tried to destroy Joseph, he only drove Joseph one step closer to his destiny, and we need to genuinely understand that.

  Bob Jones:

A year ago from this last June, the Lord spoke to me and said, "Get off the mountain. Tell the people to get off the mountain," and I asked the Lord, "What mountain?", and He said, "Kadesh-Barnea." So I began to pray about that. Church, we've been going around the mountain for 38 years, I believe it was Bill that gave me a piece of paper that said "Jerusalem has been a united city for 38 years."

Jerusalem is God's time clock, not Israel. And Israel has been going around at Kadesh-Barnea, going around in circles for 38 years, when Samuel said to Saul, "Now your Kingdom is rent from you", that was seven years before David was born.

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Bob Jones
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