Iranian Raised From The Dead by Victor Khalil

By Victor Khalil

Iranian Raised From The Dead
by Victor Khalil

Last week I met with an Iranian named Shiraz, who was a Muslim and is now a Christian.  He wanted me to share this testimony with you.  He came to America as an exchange student during the Iranian revolution.  The family who hosted him are  Christians, and they invited him to their church.  Shiraz was inspired and lifted up by the inspirational music and the joy he saw in the people there, and within a few weeks he made the decision to accept Isa (Jesus) as his savior.

Back in Iran, Shiraz's mother was very sick and had no access to the medical treatments she needed. 
Miraculously, after a long struggle to obtain a visa to leave the country, she was finally allowed to come to the U.S.A. for treatment.  An American doctor, who is a Christian, gave her a free operation!  Shiraz witnessed to her and gave her a Bible in Farsi (Persian).  She became a Christian, and smuggled the Bible into Iran by sewing it inside her galabiya (Middle Eastern dress).  If she had been caught with it at the Iranian airport, she would have been arrested immediately.  At home in Iran, her husband Mohammed read the Bible and was amazed by the stories of Isa (Jesus).

Mohammed employed an Iraqi Muslim man named Sami, who is a husband and a father to 7 children.
 One day Sami was hit by a car while crossing the street.  He was taken to the hospital, where he later died of his injuries.  His body was put in the morgue, while the hospital searched for a male relative to release the body to for burial.  Sami had no male relatives in Iran, so Mohammed went down to the morgue with a group of friends to claim his body.  Suddenly, Mohammed heard a voice say, "Put your hands on Sami's body and speak the name of Jesus."  He was frightened by the voice, and of the way his Muslim friends might react if he did it.  He heard the voice a second time, and this time he reluctantly put his hands on Sami's body and spoke Jesus' name over him.  Sami's body started to move, and then he stood up!  Mohammed's friends started to scream, "Jin, jin!" (Arabic Islamic word for spirits), and ran out of the room.  Mohammed realized that he could be put in jail for speaking the name of Jesus, as well as faking the whole event.  Immediately, he got an affidavit signed by the doctors on staff and by his friends saying that they saw Sami was indeed dead.  Mohammed and Sami, along with their families and friends became Christians as a result of this miracle.
Victor Khalil

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