I saw prophetic writers delivering reports to people to whom they are in close relationship with. These reports were bound like books with critical subjects on the front cover and spines that were hand sewn. These reports ranged from collections of letters and prayers to prophetic words and promises. The recipients were people who were intimate with the prophetic writer, like parents, children, close friends, or people in close relationship of some sort. They knew the prophetic writer. When the recipient extended the reports to them, the books were simply transferred to their hands and opened. I saw people weeping as they received and heard the Words of the Lord. I heard the word, "Witness report." Amen 
I woke up this morning with a question in my mind that seems unrelated to where God led me. The question centered around why evil always seems to win. We are seeing it all over this world right now and in our personal worlds. I questioned where is God's intervention as promised for His children. Better yet, because God cannot lie, where were we, as born again children of God, missing it? I was led to Mark 11:23, but I still needed some clarification – again this seemed unrelated. I was impressed to go and read the verses leading up to this "Word" from Jesus to determine the context. My attention was drawn to the cursing of the fig tree (why?) and then the activity that was going on in the Temple.
Life is hard, isn't it? Disappointments hammer us ferociously and relentlessly while discouragement bullies us daily. Difficult people refuse to leave us alone and rejection is often a constant companion. There have been hard things in my life that have threatened to crush the very purpose for my existence. I know that you have experienced the hard in life as well, although yours might look different than mine.I may not understand what you are going through today, but I do know the one who knows your pain and I am intimately acquainted with the one who hears your gut-wrenching cries.
One of the most difficult things we can do in life can be found in leaving "ok" or "good enough" on the innate whisper that there is "greater than imaginable." We all have had those moments of inspiration where the Divine whispers "I have so much more for you." Our response or reaction to moments like these can have a profound impact on our lives — we can shrink back into our comfort zone (often a deep rut if we're honest), or we can stand up and heed that drawing. The beautiful thing is that it's always our choice, and one that can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling if we dare to "step out onto the water."
I have lived in New York City for over six decades and have observed many kinds of people: those with a victim mentality and those with a victor mentality. In this article, I will examine some traits that are distinct to each group. Those with the victim mindset interpret the world in a completely different way than those with the victor mindset. People with a victim mindset view an obstacle as an unfair challenge, while the latter view obstacles as an opportunity to overcome. It is obvious to most that in American politics, candidates often attempt to appeal to these groups.
I received this vision while visiting some friends in Abbotsford, Canada. I believe this is foundational for what The Kingdom is like as a whole and what lays ahead for the people of God. I saw before me this vast ocean, and I was hovering in front of and above a massive aircraft carrier. It was enormous, greater than any "standard" aircraft carrier you would see in the natural. The color of the aircraft carrier wasn't the normal military gray. It was rainbow-colored, the colors of the covenant of love.  The rainbow colors were not stationary. They were living and moving, like they were alive on the ship.
There is a place in God where you can live out of the overflow. God doesn't want to give you just enough anointing and presence so you can experience personal breakthrough. He wants to give you more than that! You can be so full of the Holy Spirit that His presence is overflowing out of your inner spirit man, into every area of your soul and body and then into the space around you. As His presence overflows from within you, your breakthrough becomes a breakthrough for someone else. The anointing that empowers you can overflow outside of you bringing healing and freedom to those you come into contact with.
In the world we live in today where so many of us are constantly goal setting, have you ever taken the time to wonder what kind of goals guys like Moses, David, and Joseph set? You hear it all over the place. I certainly did when I worked at the high end of professional sports. "You have to set your goals and go out there and make things happen for yourself," they said. "Those who wait never get anywhere. You can't stand still unless you want to become another statistic," they added. While I see what many are trying to communicate through the above statements I also realize today how limiting they can be to our lives. You see all of these sayings begin with us and very much depend on what we are able to muster up and accomplish.
When you hear a word of the Lord and it resonates with your soul, it is important to speak it out, even if it is just you alone in your prayer life. Hopefully you have trained yourself to look for a Scripture to back it up too, if it is not a Scripture already. Jesus promised that every word of Scripture would come to pass! Lately the enemy has been screaming out his words. Most Christians do not agree with those words, yet we hear them over and over and it's working on our brains.
I was at lunch recently with a sister who has been through an incredibly hard year. I cannot even describe all she and her husband have been through, in almost every area of their lives. Some things just bizarre, and occurring in a seemingly relentless and often simultaneous manner. But as I was sharing with her, I told her I was able to see in both of them a new strengthening, establishing and upgrade coming their way!

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