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Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 31, 2018
Dear Jeremy Lopez, I would like to thank you for an awesome and anointed word you've spoken over my brother. It was one of the most detailed, truthful and accurate prophetic words spoken over him. What a gift from the Lord you operate in! Currently, I'm reading your book The Law of Attraction:Universal Power of Spirit, which is a real eye-opening, and I believe, a huge blessing to me when finishing reading it. Thank you and God Bless you!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 24, 2018
I just had to post a message regarding the monthly word I received through Jeremy this past week. It is always so accurate and truly opens situations and issues that I find so awesome and comforting at the same time. I have never been disappointed but 'wowed' over and over again. The monthly amount I invest in myself thru this prophetic ministry is minuscule compared to the life-giving words I receive. God is good and Jeremy is a gift to the Body of Christ. I know God gave me the best when He gave me Jeremy as what I refer to as my monthly 'mentor'. God Bless You, Jeremy.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 20, 2018
I have received at least 8 prophetic words from Jeremy, and I am always freshly amazed at the timeliness and accuracy of his gift. Each word is uniquely relevant to where I am in life and/or walk with the Lord. Also, I've donated for others and rejoiced with them when they were edified, exhorted, and comforted by his/her prophecy. Jeremy's ministry reminds us that Jehovah is the creator of the universe, but He is also eternally personal!
Lori D. Post
February 26, 2018
Thank you Jeremy. The prophetic words and the dream interpretations you have delivered to me has truly changed my life. I look forward with anxious anticipation each month I receive my new word wondering what more God could possibly say. It's AWESOME!! Finding this ministry has been literally a God send as I have been seeking deeper revelation from the Lord for sometime now. Receiving God's word for revelation, direction and deeper intimacy is just priceless. Also, the ministry schools you have created and suggest are also wonderful. I desperately needed this education so I can walk in the fullness of who God created me to be and to be able to pass this knowledge on to others. Thank you again for all you do and may God bless you, your family and your ministry abundantly in all things. :)
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 28, 2017
Prophet Jeremy Lopez, thank you for quick answer with mp3 uplifting, anointed, peaceful prophetic words. They're accurate and a blessing, unveiling some things that couldn't be seen with natural eyes. Speaking life over you. God Bless you!
Sharon S. Post
September 18, 2017
Well, I got my monthly word the other day and the Lord thru Jeremy did not disappoint me. Again, I go away awed and overwhelmed at the accuracy and encouragement I received. I look forward to each month. It's so wonderful!
Patty J. Post
September 15, 2017
Prophet Jeremy, you are over the top! Yesterday I received my third prophetic word. I was up all night transcribing it and breaking it down into its components. I couldn't stop drinking it in. I love you! I am literally a new creation overnight because of the accuracy of the word of the Lord through you!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 25, 2017
Jeremy was really spot on for my situation. He spoke right to my struggle and life stage (not knowing I had a struggle), and I believe he revived the heart of God into the situation. His word was so encouraging and has restored faith!
Werner S. Post
July 18, 2017
Prophet Lopez' prophetic words has meant the world to me and others I know. From seasons of uncertainty, fear and chaos, I'm starting to get on top of the situation more and more. Your life will be changed!
Sharon S. Post
June 16, 2017
Oh my, I don't know where to begin. I've been receiving prophetic words from Jeremy for actual years now. They have always been edifying and 'right-on' words. I have literally listened to them 100's of times by now. I decided to sign up for the monthly prophetic words recently and have not been disappointed...I am overwhelmed by the words the Lord gives Jeremy for me....Jeremy packs more words in every minute than any prophet I have encountered in my life...he's fast and he's accurate. I will always be thankful for his gift...it has been a lifeline for me...I get excited every month when it's time to receive another one. $40 a month is not enough compared to these life-giving words that instruct me and bless my heart so much. Thank you, Jeremy!
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