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Debra S. Post
May 8, 2017
Thank you, Jeremy. I am one of Doug Addison's students. I just went through the module you are in.I am starting a new ministry. I need time to process this word. It confirms what the Lord told me. He has had me open my spiritual vault with Isaiah 22:22. He told me everything I need in the next season is in there. When you told me to look on my spiritual menu. I knew that I needed to get clarity for my life. I have felt very alone, even in a room full of people. So thank you. Debra Scott
Simon G. Post
April 23, 2017
Patty J. Post
January 31, 2017
Thank you, Jeremy, for your heart and your diligence to hone the gift of God within you. I have journals of my prophetic words and I keep track of about 20 key words that occur consistently. Your word, Jeremy, was a whole new flavor! New words ... new paradigms ... new permissions. I love it!!!!
Jackie T. Post
January 26, 2017
I received my prophetic word within 24 hours of requesting and when I was opening the file, I can feel the power of God coming out from the prophecy. This is definitely encouraging & life changing prophecy. I have received lots of prophecies in my life, most of them very accurate and this one is powerful!
Kevin P. Post
December 6, 2016
Dear ones, if you're a believer in Christ and have never before inquired of the Lord through the prophetic word, or, like me, have not done so for over 25 years, let me put your fears or concerns to rest. I've received 3 prophetic words within the last two months, and not only were they accurate; when I received them, it was as though God had just heard my thoughts and prayers in the last half hour and was responding to them personally as a loving Father. Thank you, Lord!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 6, 2016
I just received my first prophetic word online. I am so encouraged and looking forward to what God has ahead for me and how He is going to bring it to pass. I am SO encouraged, I felt led to sign up for monthly prophetic words.
Dante P. Post
September 12, 2016
Wow! This is the fourth prophetic word I have requested from Jeremy Lopez, and, although I have never doubted the credibility of this great man of God, I am overwhelmed at the power and timeliness of His voice! Such pinpoint accuracy! I am facing a major decision as a man of God and servant at my local church home where the enemy was setting me up to be "ripped to shreds," according to the word of the Lord. This word affirmed my purpose and inclinations to move forward. God is up to something, and I am honored that He confirmed that His expected end through Jeremy! Many, many blessings to you, reader and Lopez.
Kristin W. Post
June 21, 2016
I wanted to take this time to just say thank you to Mr. Lopez. I just received my most recent prophetic word from him yesterday, and have received many in the past. And each time I receive one, I am completely encouraged, uplifted and challenged to operate in who God has destined for me to be. Mr. Lopez's gift is spot on and the anointing that comes upon him to minister God's love is truly incredible. I just want to thank him for operating in his gift each and every day, even though there some days he may not want to. I want to thank him for putting the needs of God's people, even before his own. I want to thank him for the many hours he has trained in the prophetic to become so accurate. I have truly been changed by being able to hear God's voice through Mr. Lopez's prophetic utterance.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 5, 2016
Thank you so much for the prophetic word you shared with me, from the Lord on March 3rd. As you said, I wrote it out! The words on paper began to jump out and resonate deep in my soul. There are several words you shared that were a confirmation: bold, prayer, favor, edification, rearranging. I RECEIVE this and am moving forward, no looking back. Thank you, Lord! Blessings to Jeremy Lopez and Identity Network ministries!
Caroline H. Post
February 29, 2016
Jeremy is a prophetic jewel in the Lord’s crown. He is an especially anointed vessel and he speaks with divine accuracy. His prophetic words carry the wind of the Spirit which refreshes, uplifts and provides guidance and heavenly perspective. I’ve been receiving monthly prophetic words from Jeremy since last summer and they are truly throne room experiences each time I listen to them. Jeremy helps restore our true divine identity from our loving Father with his prophetic words serving as a miraculous vehicle of God’s glory.
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