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Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 5, 2016
Thank you so much for the prophetic word you shared with me, from the Lord on March 3rd. As you said, I wrote it out! The words on paper began to jump out and resonate deep in my soul. There are several words you shared that were a confirmation: bold, prayer, favor, edification, rearranging. I RECEIVE this and am moving forward, no looking back. Thank you, Lord! Blessings to Jeremy Lopez and Identity Network ministries!
Caroline H. Post
February 29, 2016
Jeremy is a prophetic jewel in the Lord’s crown. He is an especially anointed vessel and he speaks with divine accuracy. His prophetic words carry the wind of the Spirit which refreshes, uplifts and provides guidance and heavenly perspective. I’ve been receiving monthly prophetic words from Jeremy since last summer and they are truly throne room experiences each time I listen to them. Jeremy helps restore our true divine identity from our loving Father with his prophetic words serving as a miraculous vehicle of God’s glory.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 29, 2016
I can't even begin to tell you how much your prophetic ministry has done for my family. We have received many prophetic words from your ministry, and they are always so accurate and awesome! The most recent prophetic word you gave this week for my son regarding his job/vocation was so completely accurate! Because he has been dealing with very serious health issues, the word you gave regarding this season of God expanding him in his job gave him faith to believe that his body has to align with what God is about to do with him. It truly was a life-giving word, and has brought life back to him. He was deeply, deeply touched! Thank you so much, and God bless you!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 31, 2015
I've received several words from Jeremy and they have always been spot and encouraging. A few days ago I prayed about some things I've been seeking God about and others I'm walking out in faith. My word from Jeremy mentioned how God is bringing about a huge economic breakthrough in my life. While I am keenly interested in ministry breakthrough and personal issues, the truth is I need the finances right now. Since I was widowed 8 years ago my earning power has declined, though I've finished almost three years of college and have accumulated a lot of experience, especially in the financial sector. A few weeks ago I made the decision to quit my job and start my own business, working for my current employer as a contractor part time while seeking new clients. I have no safety net - this has been a tough decision, so his word was perfectly timed. I've always wanted to be able to travel wherever God calls me to go without being hampered by raising funds for travel and expenses. Jeremy confirmed that's what God is doing in this season, as well as making me a vessel to give finances to bless others -- something I've been passionate about and able to do in the past. The words I've received in the past year have been an important part of being able to stay on course and navigate the journey God has laid out before me.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 18, 2015
I requested a word December 11, 2015, and received it within an hour or less. God used Jeremy so greatly to bless, edify and encourage me...the words of life that flowed through Jeremy have been a true life-line...He was right on point...many things are still being confirmed to me...God is so good...I was overwhelmed by the accuracy and Jeremy's humility in delivering the word to me....May God continue to use him to bless many.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 9, 2015
I received my prophetic word within 40 minutes of requesting it was shocked at the speed and it spoke right into my life, was very accurate and had me in tears in some parts when I was listening (good tears!)
Robin M. Post
November 9, 2015
I have received several prophetic words from Jeremy Lopez this year and let me tell you, "This Man of God is the Real Deal". His words are always "right on time" and he has confirmed things I am dealing with now or things that have happened in my past that I have NEVER discussed with him or anyone else. Every time the Lord puts Jeremy in my thoughts, I know I need to contact him immediately. I am currently studying two of Jeremy's courses and they are incredible, insightful and bring tremendous revelation on things I have NEVER been taught in all my years of attending church, WOW!!! I am so very grateful to you Jeremy and your ministry and how the Lord uses you as a tremendous teacher and coach in this season in the body of Christ. I thank the Lord for you and your gifts. God Bless!
sheldon l. Post
October 30, 2015
I have received numerous prophetic words during my walk as a believer. this is my second time tapping into this great resource offered by the ministry. it was amazing, the accuracy, the details, of which i can bear witness to, and the time he took to just talk, say what the Lord is saying. This particular word came at just the right time, i was facing some real issues. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who is need of direction or just to confirm what you already feel the Lord is saying. Jeremy, I would like to thank you for using your gift to be a blessing to the body of Christ, also thanks for being so down to earth and accessible. Be blessed man of God.
Sheena B. Post
September 13, 2015
I live in India and I just received a prophetic word. Thanks..it was about expansion, how God uses me in my family and how I dream big and its 100% true. I have been blessed by God to have prophetic dreams that come to pass. I was an International Student to the US many years back but had to return to India. I hope to return to the US soon...:)

Shannon C. Post
September 9, 2015
I recieved a word from Jeremy as another had made the recommendation of him. I felt God urging me to pursue it. When I recieved it I was amazed, I had never had anything like that before in my life. I had several prayers as Iam separated, trying to prepare my house to sell, and feeling sort of overwhelmed. Im called to ministry. He confirmed many things in this word. Said God was going to show me whats to stay and whats to go. Major shifting taking place. God was going to removethings that were not needed in the next level. So much in that word. I listen to it almost daily to remind myself of what God has spoken. God gives us exactly what we need. Im thankful for this gift in the body. He wants us to speak life to one another. Use us all as we seek you Lord.
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