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shalynn r. Post
June 15, 2015
THANK YOU so much for your ministry and accuracy. This was my 5th prophetic word from you and they always bring me to tears while listening. I so need the encouragement and God always pinpoints some things that are so precious to me. I am taking the School of the Prophets course as suggested and know that I will grow in my gifts in His timing. I don't have anyone prophetic in my town or church to get me where I need to be but He will send people my way with the same calling to help me. (prophesied) So needed to hear that especially!!
Jessica T. Post
June 4, 2015
I received a prophetic word from Jeremy last night, and I had a dream afterwards that confirmed a part of what he'd spoken!
Vera S. Post
May 18, 2015
I was simply Amazed at this prophecy! So much insight into what the Lord has for me this season, and MAJOR confirmation on the things the Lord has shown me for this season.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 16, 2015
Every time I receive a word from this man of God I think to myself, "WOW that is the BEST word I've ever gotten!" What a very unique, precise and accurate anointing. All I know is, if you are needing a good word, request it from him! God bless you and your ministry Dr. Jeremy
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 15, 2015
I have been in a really challenging time for the last seven years and had heard about Jeremy from a friend. I decided to sow into the ministry and the next day I received an extremely accurate and encouraging prophetic word. It has really helped bring clarity and direction into areas of my life that I really needed. I was so blessed by it I signed up for school of the prophetic word course- which I'm loving. I also sowed into the ministry to bless my friend with a word who has been in a desperate place herself. Her word was spot on and a great encouragement to her. So grateful to the Lord and how he shares his heart with me and for Jeremys willingness to be used by Him. God bless!
Matthew P. Post
April 5, 2015
I had a friend recommend Jeremy to me. I went to bed in Australia about 11pm and at 7 am I got up and my prophecy was in my inbox. I was impressed with how fast he did it I listened and in the first sentence Jeremy prophesied about 5 words of knowledge over me. He said to some people I am a prophet, to some a teacher, to some a brother in Christ, to some a child, and mentor to others. I am not sure if anyone had ever prophesied so succinctly over me. He had my attention.

Now I have had five prophecies over my life by him and he has comforted me, encouraged me, given me vital direction and even prophesied a major attack that I was going to experience.

I love the direction he brings to my life. I have made quite major decisions because of prophetic words Jeremy has shared with me

I am a fan.

He is 100% on point all the time.
Wendy O. Post
March 1, 2015
Your prophetic word to me was off the charts amazing!!! It was the perfect birthday gift, to hear such a powerful word from the Lord. Truly, it is life changing and I am excited to dive into the new season that God is bringing me to. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I enrolled in the School of the Prophetic Word, because you are spot on, I have had many words spoken over me, that have not come to pass and I am ready to bring them into fruition. Praise you Lord! Thank you again Jeremy, your accuracy and detail of my word was amazing.
Liza R. Post
February 13, 2015
Jeremy, thank you for the prophetic word from the Lord. It has greatly encouraged me. I know that He truly loves me and has a wonderful plan for my life. Yes, ever since I can remember I have been in tune with the Spirit. Dream, dreams that have come true see ahead and just know stuff about people. I will sign up for the courses recommended by you so that I can learn and be of service to the Lord. Much appreciated and lots of God's richest blessings.
mary j. Post
January 2, 2015
WOW- a SEASONED WORD by a SEASONED prophet at a time that I DESPERATELY NEEDED it ! like water to a parched land- i received HOPE , STRENGTH , direction , VISION - Ive been so crushed-so shut down and all I had to do was SOW and bless a ministry.. thank you Jeremy... I was balling my eyes out w joy and gratefulness when I heard the LORDS WORDS JUST FOR ME which by the way only GOD can know - GOD read my mail because he's here in every moment every breath knowing all that goes on and He spoke it to me and it gave me so much hope and solid determination in the VISION that was given to me to keep moving forward up and out of all that has been so tough the past 7 years...thank you for without a vision people perish.. i am strengthen and encouraged and propelled onward.thank you Jeremy! your ministry is profound!
melisa o. Post
December 19, 2014
wow thank you so much for going before the lord on my behalf i am so incouraged , it was exactly what im going thru right now and i am so encouraged to move forward in what God is doing in my life.thank u God bless.
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