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Chris P. Post
November 26, 2013
"Access" was a key word Br. Jeremy used, and that’s important to me because wherever I’ve been over the last few years, people have wanted to put me into a box of their own making where I have had little or no access - at work, in my family, in the body of Christ.
So where is this “access” that I have according to Br. Jeremy’s prophetic word? It’s on my computer in the business world just like he saw me "mashing" an access button on a computer! It’s open doors that have led me to my answers, just like he said. And now the open doors and windows he mentioned are in the writing world, too!
He also said that someone would come alongside me to empower me, not a mate (though I am believing for a sold-out Christian mate as well). And the good news is that I found a publicist who believes in my works and will officially start working with me in 2014 for my first book series. It’s a 4-book series that will celebrate so many of the wonderful and amazing things that women are! And there are others who are coming alongside me to empower me, too.
Br. Jeremy mentioned that I would have the “power and benefits” that I haven’t had before, and I see those coming to pass when I coach and minister because Holy Spirit imparts to me the words of knowledge and wisdom that are right for each person.
As to Br. Jeremy’s word about my personal identity, I have uncovered my identity that will work to help people right where they are, at whatever corner of life they find themselves alone and not knowing which road to take.
I was told years ago that I would write and influence many people. I’ve been told that I would plant in many fields, and that I would be a wave-runner that others would be able to easily follow (while I am in the wake behind Jesus, of course). The words of prophecy spoken to me by Br. Jeremy are once-again reminders of those earlier words.
The conversations Br. Jeremy saw me engaged in, with ideas and things going back and forth, spoke of the fact that I am also a song and film writer, and this publicist and others know of people to refer me to at the proper time for all my other works.
Br. Jeremy said that I was now able to see how I had the anointing to give people the answers they’ve needed. That is true! I am all about people fulfilling their destinies – in the right job, with the right mate, the right business, the right ministry – all things that are right for them according to their God-ordained destinies! Yes! And the access will be online, and perrsonally (which I have done off and on over the last 12 years). I have moved ahead and done the work necessary and excelled in my studies for certification as a professional.
He mentioned a new level of joy, and I have also learned and trained myself to step into joy, instead of living days without it.
God spoke through Br. Jeremy that I would begin to see the fruit of what I have done. A few months ago I created my own 20-20 VisionOne Statement, and months later, I am seeing the harvest of listening to and working that Vision Statement.
As for the last few things he mentioned in that word in 2011: I have not seen the things trigger and open up in my family yet, but that’s probably because I don’t know what God has done in their lives these last 2 years. I believe the band of poverty is being broken over us because I see that I’ve been able to slowly pay off my bills. I’m counting on the miracles and reversals that he spoke of. I am trusting that the favor and funds will pour forth like hot oil like he said because I’ll be starting the fund-raising soon for my first project.
And like Br. Jeremy, I know that my highest and best purpose will be to open the eyes of the unchurched around me to their chances for the right street, right house, right job, right mate, the right-for-them everything, because of a loving God who has an amazing eye-opener of a destiny and life for them! And I agree that the Church as such is falling short of reaching the world. God had me go to many Churches in my city, and I found the prevalent us-4-and-no-more attitude abounding! Every Church visit was like nails on a chalkboard! I will be the millionaire God told me He wanted me to be (years ago!) so that I can help multitudes in every possible way, starting with the 1.2 million unchurched in my 5-county area. So be it unto me! His promises to me are Yes! and Amen! *:) Thank you, Br. Jeremy! Chris P.
Harold R. Post
November 18, 2013
Wow, Wow again! I AM amazed at the level of prophetic accuracy in Jeremy Lopez's prophesying the very things that I have been meditating on for the last year! Thoughts, desires, references to a major prophecy that I received from another Man of God eight years ago! Only God can know these things! Only God knows what He has prophetically promised me in my destiny in Christ Jesus! Prophet Jeremy Lopez you are truly a shining jewel (Malachi 3:16) recorded in the Book of Remembrance of the Most High God for service in the Body of Christ! What rewards await you in Heaven, O Great Man of God! Thank you so much for being the Major Prophet (in this Kingdom Age dispensation) that you are in the Lord God Almighty! God bless you, great Man of God, Dr. Jeremy Lopez!
Pauline T. Post
September 6, 2013
I would like to encourage anyone who has not had a prophetic word from Dr Jeremy Lopez, to get one; it will change your life.
I have been having these prophetic words for the past 7 years and I'm always listening to them especially when I feel a little low or if I'm off course. The words are so uplifting and it is wonderful to know what the Lord has planned for you in the future. Dr Lopez is truly hearing from God as the prophetic words are so accurate and they speak to you in your present state.

Dr Jeremy told me a couple of years ago that God wanted to turn up my writing skills and now after writing a few short pieces of work, I've been approached by a publisher to write a book, so be encouraged.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 30, 2013
The most recent word I received from you in July has such a strong anointing over it that I have not listened to or read it once without weeping (this has not happened to me before with any other prophecies I've received before). It ministers to me so deeply every time, it's amazing to experience! You also mentioned a person's name in the word which you said you rarely do, but if you had not done so, I would not have been open to reconnecting with this person (there is only one person I know with that name). I withdrew from her some time ago as I felt our connection had become unhealthy for me and was affecting me negatively. Interestingly, I always had a sense that one day the Lord would use me to minister to her but I didn't really take it seriously. Then the Lord unexpectedly confirmed it through your word and if He hadn't, I would have refused to have anything to do with her again, when the time comes to reconnect, but now I am open to whatever the Lord wants to do, because of the word you gave.
Also, another interesting 'first' for me with a prophetic word - the night of the day I received this latest word from you, and felt such a strong anointing through it, I experienced a strong demonic attack during the night. I knew immediately what it was and took authority and dispatched the enemy promptly, but I really see it as another positive indication and confirmation of the power & anointing of the word you gave, so much so that it rattled the enemy enough to try come after me. I'm excited for what that means - breakthrough, blessing, advancement, damage to the enemy's camp, etc. etc.
I'm so excited to hear and see what God is going to do next! And I'm so grateful for your ministry and obedience to Him, as I would be so much the poorer without the prophetic impartation I've received from the Lord, through you, since November last year.
Lindasue B. Post
August 28, 2013
Jeremy I HAVE to tell you this, its so funny BUT it SO touched my heart. today when I got the Lords word from you, the actual words you spoke from the Lord were, yes, the Lords words and thank you so much for them they were healing and strength to me,....but.....what I really wanted to tell you was that not only did the words the Lord gave you to speak to me help me BUT the expression in the WAY you spoke them to me relayed also a Word from the Lord to me. SO I actually got 2 words from the Lord today. May He bless you 2 times over for THAT. Amen and Amen -- Lindasue Brennan
Lindasue B. Post
August 28, 2013
Jeremy I HAVE to tell you this, its so funny BUT it SO touched my heart. today when I got the Lords word from you, the actual words you spoke from the Lord were, yes, the Lords words and thank you so much for them they were healing and strength to me,....but.....what I really wanted to tell you was that not only did the words the Lord gave you to speak to me help me BUT the expression in the WAY you spoke them to me relayed also a Word from the Lord to me. SO I actually got 2 words from the Lord today. May He bless you 2 times over for THAT. Amen and Amen -- Lindasue Brennan
Jeanne H. Post
August 23, 2013
Wow! I was really needing to hear from the Lord regarding some things in my life and Jeremy nailed it! His word given to me was anointed, powerful and a true blessing. I feel renewed and refreshed and can't wait to see how God will use me!
Bonnie B. Post
August 8, 2013
WOWEE! I was soooo blessed! My session, 1 hour, was packed with insight, wisdom, confirmation, direction and. Exceeded expectations.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 9, 2013
I have searched the internet for a legit prophet that truly hears from the Lord, and isn't a scam for money, two years ago I requested a prophecy and got it in my email almost immediately, Prophet Lopez is truly a man of God and I recommend him that he is a credible prophet, you will be blessed! ;)
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 8, 2013
Jeremy, I have just requested my 3rd prophetic word from you since Nov 2012 when I first found out about you. (Patricia King’s endorsement of you convinced me you were “safe” to request a prophetic word from.) ? I have received quite a few prophetic words throughout my life, since childhood, but you are the only one I have gone back to more than once. I just experience the love and warmth of Jesus so strongly through your prophecies that when I think about it, tears flood my eyes every time. I live in a different country and it costs 9-10 times the amount more in currency per U$, so it takes several months for me to save up enough to request another word from you, or else I would request one every month. But it is worth it because I have never received such accurate and detailed prophecies from anyone else before and with them such a strong sense of hope and encouragement and comfort from the Word you receive from the Lord for me. I listen to your prophecies over and over and over and believe them fully. I have yet to see the manifestation of much of it but the majority has been confirmation of previous words spoken, just in much more detail from you, and I am a specific and detail-oriented person, so I really appreciate that. The last word I received from you has started to manifest in my life in the last month exactly as you prophesied. I am so excited and expectant - I have been through what I call a “desert-fire” experience for the last 7 years and am so ready for this new season. I just want to say how much I appreciate your personable manner and how it feels like you're a friend who really knows me and really cares (I know that's Jesus in you) but it makes such a huge difference - I haven't experienced that yet through any other prophetic words I’ve received and I appreciate it so much. I am so grateful to my Daddy for not only gifting you with such a strong anointing in the prophetic, but that He has led you to offer it publicly. There are many great accurate prophets out there (if one could but get to the right country, and the right meeting at the right time) but few offer to prophesy in the way you do, making it available over the internet. I am more grateful than I can say that you offer this ministry. In the last very tough and long season, prophetic words from the Lord are what have kept me going and staying obedient to what He has called me, although it has cost me everything and been harder than I ever imagined it would be. I only have access to this prophetic ministry through the internet (internationally) as it is not available where I live.
So I thank you so much - I wanted you to know that not only are you spot on every time, but I love requesting words from the Father through YOU, specifically, because of the love and warmth of Jesus that I experience through them. Thank you again. Candace
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