NOW IS THE TIME by Youlanda Ballard

By Yolanda Ballard


 by Yolanda Ballard




At The Father's FeetA Word of Admonition for the Body of Christ


Cry out to Me with your whole heart, with your whole mind, and with your whole soul, for I am calling you to come up higher, but I need to hear you cry out to Me.  For this is a time of great awakening for My people to come to the place where I am calling them to.


Press in to know Me in even a greater way than ever before.  You need to know and be able to hear My still, small voice to give you the directions to safety which is in walking My perfect will.  Each step that you take will be an important move, and you need to be lead completely by My Spirit and not by your own will. 


These are treacherous times, and the enemy has many traps set to ensnare you.  It is so important now than ever before that you crucify your flesh, pick up your cross, and follow Me.  To have My resurrection power flowing through you, you must die!


I am calling you to a higher realm in My Spirit where My power will flow through you freely to raise the dead, to speak life and see immediate results, so that deaf ears be opened to hear Me crying out to you, and leading and guiding you.  I want to open up the blind eyes so that they can see My light and truth and be set free.


Yes, I am pouring out My saving grace in a greater measure and through you.  Because you have yielded yourself completely to Me, I was able to do that much needed work deep in your heart to cause breakthrough of My mighty river of Love.


And yes, it is flowing out to the multitudes who are crying out to Me deep in their spirit man.  Yes, I know those I have died for, and I am leading you to even claim their salvation just by the deep desire in your heart to pour out My love and My grace.  You are planting that much needed seed to where a bumper crop will spring up from of souls coming into My kingdom.  Yes, by claiming one for the kingdom you are planting the seed, and I will send others to water, and others will come and reap for the Kingdom.


Rejoice, for My kingdom is at hand, and greater works you will do through Me.  Yes, rejoice for now is the time to go forth in My might and power, covered with the light of My glory, repelling powers of darkness with the force field of My love.


You are covered with the power of My blood, enclosed with the fire of My love, thrusting forth My mighty Sword, standing behind My shield of faith.  Yes, carrying My very own armor, using My authority because you have submitted yourself completely to Me. 


Nothing by any means can harm you, so be bold and be strong for the Lord your God is with you!!!


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