Now Is The Time Lana Vawser

By Lana Vawser

Now Is The Time

Lana Vawser


Now is the time of war My People, now is the time to stand up and fight against the principalities and powers that are sending many assignments and arrows against you.


Now is the time to take up your authority and stand firm, for situations and circumstances around you may seem unstable and uncertain, but I am the God of certainty. I am the God of promise, I am the God of truth, I am the God of salvation. I am the One upon whom you stand, I the Rock, upon which you will not be shaken.


Many of you have been hiding in false refuges. Many of you have been trying to seek comfort, consolation and strength from places that are not of Me. I speak to you My Church; I am your place of strength, your refuge and your fortress. Walk with me and run from evil, do not allow false refuges to be in your lives.


With much uncertainty, instability and fear plaguing many within My Church, it is absolutely crucial that you are all now truly learning to fight, not with fancy words or religious activities but with MY PRESENCE.


This is the time for you My Church to truly learn at a deeper level the meaning of being in My presence at all times, entertaining My presence and spending time knowing Me.

Your intimacy with Me is your greatest weapon.


The enemy has unleashed one of the greatest attacks of fear upon you My Church in the past season. The enemy seeks to disable and disarm many of you through the operation of fear within your hearts and minds, the battle has been raging, it seems like it will never end, but I say unto you My Church, you are already victorious, you have already won, you are now fighting from the winning side, fight with My presence.


Delight in Me, spend time just soaking in My presence, soaking in My Spirit and you will see that any attack, any opposition and any plague of fear will dissipate at the heaviness of My presence upon your lives.


Come dine with Me, My people. Come sit with Me and let not your hearts be troubled but filled with joy, peace and hope as you worship Me and talk with Me. I am more than able to protect you; I am more than able to provide for you, I am more than able to nourish you.


Fight with My presence, fight by coming deeper, fight by entertaining more and more of My presence daily. You do not have to wait for the breakthrough. Come deeper into seeking Me and living in My presence and you are living IN the breakthrough.

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