A Testament to Giving by Dr Connie Williams

By Connie Williams
A Testament to Giving
by Dr Connie Williams

Be Encouraged

I know that we as a nation have been in a financial lesson for the past few years, but this nation has been so out of balance concerning finances.

  • There is evidence of this concerning the bonus' these corporations are receiving even though tax payer's monies are being used. This would have continued if not for the bailouts and the press bringing these things out of the darkness and into the light. This must be corrected.

  • Along with the church, living outside of its means, the world is totally out of balance with it's "things". America must come back to a more "simplified" life. We must cut out all the excesses and extremes and remember that God is a God of balance.

    Yes, he does want us to prosper and be healthy, but he also wants prosperity to resonate in our "soul" or "mind" that we might balance our lives with wealth as well as wisdom

I along with this whole family am simplifying my life. I enjoy "things" but I do not want the added responsibility and upkeep of the things that are not relevant in my life. If I am not utilizing and using my "things" I will give them to someone who will. This goes for clothing as well as anything else I am not using on a regular basis.

A Testament to Giving

I bought a Cabin Cruiser from a drug dealer that was in jail. It was a really good deal! My intention was to take the family to the lake and enjoy some days of summer fun. I never even rode on that boat!!! I just did not have the time nor did I have the desire so I re-evaluated that boat. Now, I could sell the boat and apply the money to something else, which is what my wisdom said to do, or I could give it away.

What did God want me to do?

I left it with him. I checked on selling the boat, and nothing would work out. Cheese, my baby brother, had just redone some pipes in my backyard, cleaned my gutters, and who knows what else. Unless I see him doing something I never know what all he has fixed. He is always fixing something for someone. He cuts firewood for some of the widow women in the community, he fixes everyone's cars, and all for free. I always hear of him doing something for someone around here, fixing their air, heat, and building stuff. I would never find out what he had done until someone would tell me or send a thank you.

I thought about how much money he has saved me and Granny Matt over the years. God only knows. I gave the boat to him and told him God wanted to bless him for all the things he does for other people including me. He was so moved, that tears came to his eyes. After that someone gave him a four wheeler, another fishing boat, and more. You would just not believe all the stuff he has collected. Truly the law of reaping and sowing is so true!!! People would give him all kinds of things that they said was broken and could not be fixed. Before you would know it he would have it fixed and working. So in the end he ends up with all of these things just for being "Cheese". What a God we serve!!! What Cheese does in private, God blesses him in the open. We all just stand amazed. 

So…Long story short or as short as I can tell it, anything you are not using or wearing get rid of it. Clean your closets out, your mind out and your belongings out. I am not saying you can not have pretty things, I love pretty things. I am just saying weed out the things you know you need to get rid of, to make room for what God might want to send into your life. What are things if you spend all of your time looking after them, taking care of them, or worrying about them.

Simplify your life, your life style, and really enjoy the things you have. Even the things that you might be saving for the next generation, box them , label them, and put them up. I have a huge standing chest I keep all the things for the next generation in, things for my nieces, and grandchildren.

by Dr Connie Williams

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