Come Away with Me by Eileen Fisher

By Eileen Fisher

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I keep hearing the Lord say, I know some of you are too weary to come to where I am. That's why I remind you I AM with you always. Even in your weariness when you cannot come to Me, I AM with you. The only thing that changes is your awareness. The awareness that I AM with you. Allow Me to open your eyes, the eyes of your spirit man, so you can see Me working even when you do not see in the physical the manifestation. Know in the spirit I AM working. Know that I do not sleep, I do not become weary with My own, I do not worry over My own.  I war for My own. I would offer Myself to you tonight as your warrior, as the man of war. The man of war, who takes on the battle that has caused fatigue and strife all around you. It has not been of My spirit, but it has been of another to distract you to pull you away and to pull you down to where you are weary in body, mind, soul and spirit. The enemy tries to place between you and Me a curtain of worry, fear, doubt, unbelief and despair. I tore the curtain once and I am tearing it down again. The curtain I desire to tear down is how you think, how you receive, how you respond. I say, do not receive in your soul, but receive unhindered in your spirit. Your spirit bears witness to truth. Your soul becomes distracted with wants and needs. Have I not said, worship Me in spirit and in truth?  Keep your spirit free.


So We can Fellowship


Chose not to walk in the low mindset to where you would try to bring Me, instead chose to walk lowly with humility knowing that you serve and you dwell with an almighty God. Come to know Me as a warrior.  Warring over MY own, protecting My own, plans in place for MY own.  Man can throw up blueprints, man can throw up barriers, plans, assignments, but My spirit can come with the wind and the fire and destroy every weapon that comes against you. You must pull down your thoughts. You must lift up your spirit. When you lean to your own understanding you become weak, but when you pray with My spirit and rest in My Spirit in stillness, you gain strength. Know I am a God of strength and that I strengthen My own. Even if now you have chosen isolation, I have not chosen this for you. I have chosen fellowship, This is why I have sent My blood upon the Earth, so you could partake in fellowship with Me, spirit to spirit.


Ask Me for My ways and then expect My ways. Be not afraid of the word wait.  Be not afraid of the word no.  Be not afraid of the word occupy.  Know this is Me telling you I am aligning things in the spirit, and you must wait until My alignment is established. I do not want you out of line. I want to be the plumb line of love that is Heaven sent, Heaven dropped, Heaven marked to where you will not miss the mark. I am causing you and calling you to separate unto me. Yes, I say come away, My beloved. I've said, Come away with Me.  Allow Me to be your beloved. Allow Me to be your friend, your counselor, your teacher, your guide. Know through Me all things are possible. Wait upon My timing and let My ways unfold.”


Eileen Fisher


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