Bride, Step Further Into Your Destiny - You WILL Lead The World By Lana Vawser

By Lana Vawser

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"Arise, Shine, for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” Isaiah 60:1


My precious Church, I love you with an everlasting love. I love you with a love that continues to mold and shape you to become all that I have created you to be. I continue to call you My Church to deeper intimacy with Me.


I continue to call you to keep your eyes firmly focused upon Me and knowing My heart. For it is out of the depths of intimacy that true fruit and life flows. It is out of knowing My heart, finding rest before Me, that acceleration, promotion, increase, and greater favor is released. It is out of stewarding intimacy with Me, that you learn to host My presence, My Bride.


I Have Great Plans for You


My Bride, I have such great plans for you. Plans to prosper you, plans not to harm you, and plans that give you a hope and a future in Me. My Bride, you have a destiny in Me, to know Me and make Me known to the world. You have a great destiny and I am calling you My Bride to continue to step forth into this destiny through greater intimacy with Me.


Many of you within My Bride are finding you are in a time of great struggle, a time where there seems to be greater lack than there is abundance, a time where there seems to be greater opposition and hardship than release.


I say unto you My people, that as you seek Me and seek to know My heart, you are about to step further forward into the destiny I have for you. I am releasing greater favor upon you My Church to LEAD the world.


I am releasing kingdom keys in creativity, in inventions, ideas that will lead the world into greater encounters with Me. It truly is time for you My Bride to arise and shine, for your light HAS come.


It truly is time for you to step up and to shine as the city on a hill that I have called you to be. Individually, many of you will begin to receive 'answers' that will unlock businesses, corporations, governments, and most importantly keys that will unlock hearts that do not yet know Me.


Position for Outpouring


My Spirit is calling to you My Bride to position yourselves for this outpouring. Position yourselves to receive the "keys” that will unlock the world and see you My Bride begin to lead the world as I have called you too.


There is a great increase in the prophetic that many are stepping into that will see them receive words, secrets from heaven, that will unlock even the hardest of hearts to My love and My nature.


Do not be discouraged My people, for the "apparent” sense of lack, is but for a moment, for you are stepping into a greater moment of destiny, where the world is going to see another great demonstration of the love that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords has for mankind and His world.


These demonstrations will be so supernatural and glorious that people will be led straight to the life that is found at the Cross and Resurrection. There is coming a great increase of souls.... for as My Bride begins to take her place like never before and LEAD this world in signs and wonders, in miraculous, in generosity, in abundance, in life, multitudes upon multitudes of people will come to know Me.


There will be multitudes in the valley of decision and multitudes will come to know Me.


It is harvest time!!!!!! It is time for one of the greatest harvests the world has ever seen!!!!


Prepare yourself for this great move of My Spirit in the secret place. Keep seeking to know My heart, and suddenly the shift will arrive. The favor will rest so heavily, that there will be MORE THAN ENOUGH to give to all. The world will see the generosity, the abundance, the love and the heart of heaven demonstrated through My Bride.


It's time My Bride! Take your place!!!! You are going stepping forward to lead the world!


Lana Vawser

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