Ninth Hour By Connie V Scott

By Connie V. Scott

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There is a kingdom that is not of this world.  It has no beginning and there is no end to it.  No boundaries or limits contain this kingdom - it knows only increase.  The rule of this realm is immutable.  And, in this realm, nothing is impossible!  This is the realm of transformation and the One seated on the throne is the Creator, the King of Glory! 


"Now Peter and John went up together to the temple at the hour of prayer, the ninth hour.  And a certain man lame from his mother's womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms from those who entered the temple; who, seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple, asked for alms.  And fixing his eyes on him, with John, Peter said, "Look at us."  So he gave them his attention, expecting to receive something from them.  Then Peter said, "Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.'" (Acts 3:4-6)


Peter and John were doing what they did often; they were heading to temple.  The man at the Beautiful Gate was doing what he did every day of his life; relying on others to live.  All three had expectation as they went about their days.  For Peter and John, I imagine they expected to encounter God during their time of prayer.  For the lame man, he expected the benevolence of the passer-by.  How many times these three must have encountered one another!  The one man asking for alms to make it through another day; Peter and John giving this man (and others) loose coin out of charity, but this particular day something different was going to take place!


It was the ninth hour (around 3:00pm), and in the "hour of prayer" at temple, all were equal!  All could bow down and commune in prayer with the Almighty.  The offering of incense went out into the land, calling for all to lift their gaze to Yahweh, the very Source of all life.  It was in the ninth hour that Cornelius had a visitation and heard from the Lord in his time of prayer (Act 10:30-31).  It was the ninth hour, when Jesus lifted up his voice echoing the high priests of old saying, "It is finished" (Matthew 27:45-51).  It was the ninth hour, when the veil was torn from top to bottom, signifying our access into the very Holy of Holies, the Mercy Seat, the Presence of the Most High God!  


"Look at us."  Peter wasn't suggesting the guy "see" a man.  In essence, Peter was saying, "Discern and perceive (look = Blepo) the moment you're in!"  That is what Peter and John did in that moment when they fixed their eyes on this man.  They discerned his heart's cry, and perceived something beyond natural sight.  These two men saw with Dad's (God) eyes. They did not see a cripple lame beggar.  They saw a man sitting at the threshold of Eternal Life (Beautiful Gate); a child of the King fully whole, as Dad created him.  Oh, it was this man's ninth hour!  Peter and John carried within them the Kingdom of Heaven, and on this day they released transformation.


Locking eyes, Peter tells the man, "We don't have money today, but what we do have we're going to give to you!  Look beyond what your natural eyes see.  Look beyond us and see the Source.  See the One who has His being in us!  You have access.  Discern the Ninth Hour! It has already been accomplished. Get up and walk!" 


The Ninth Hour is Now


The number nine represents gestation, reproduction, and matured development.  Dad is calling us up higher!  His desire is for us to walk like Him - in Him!  What He placed within us from the beginning will come into fullness when we perceive that He has accomplished everything already.  We are in Him - He is in us!  We can't "do" anything in our own human power, but we allow Him to live in, on, and through us.  Transformation and maturity have their work in us as we abide in Daddy God.  And, as we remain in Him, we will reproduce that which is being produced in us - a Ninth Hour atmosphere that transforms lives.


Beloved, as co-laborers with Dad, we must realize that His heart beats for His Kids!  We are created in His image and likeness.  We are complete in Him - this means that there is nothing missing and nothing broken in our lives.  So, why do we walk around sick, defeated, and in lack?  And, why do we see others the same way?  We say we believe the supernatural realm is more real than the natural, but we keep looking with natural eyes; judging and believing what we see.


My friend and ministry partner, Kym Carmicheal shared this truth with me recently: "Dad functions in the realm of knowledge and man functions in the realm of perception."  You see, what He knows IS!  If we are going to partner with Him in transforming His creation, then our perception has to line up with Knowledge of His Truth.  Basically, we have to see how Dad sees!  We cannot judge with natural eyes and expect anything to be different, because our perceptions are not aligned with God.  The only way our perceptions change is to abide in the Vine (John 15), and walk with Holy Spirit.


In a time of personal worship, God released a prophetic song, which I believe speaks into how we begin to align with Him.  Below is an excerpt from the song:


"What does it mean to abide?  What does it mean to abide, abide in the Vine?  Come away; come away with Me, My beloved.  Gonna take you to new places, take you to new realms.  And, I will awaken remembering in you from the days of old.  For I desire that you know My heart, not just about me.  I'm longing to draw my people.  I'm pursuing, always pursuing you.  So come away with Me again.  And, I'll awaken Love. 


Come away with Me, let's talk for a while.  Come away to Our secret place again.  And I will speak to you like I speak to My friends.  Come away with Me.  I will take you to new realities.  How far will you let me take you in, into Me - into the real reality - into Me - into reality? How far will you let Me take you into what I call life?  Not what you see, not what you see, it's not what you see.  How far will you let Me take you?  Trust in Me, trust in Me.  I won't lead you astray.  I will lead you into the Light of day.  The real life, real life, real life, not what you see.  Real life, real life, real life, real life in Me. 


Come away with Me, cast off fear.  Come away with Me and soar.  Cause, I will lead you to new perspectives, lead you to new consciousness.  I will lead you into My life, real life.  Cause it's not what you see that's reality.  No, it's not what feel, or what you've experienced before.  It's not what others say, not even what you've hoped for.  Cause I'm real life, real life - only in Me.  Real life can only be found right here in Me. 


Come away with Me again, again - into real reality.  Into real life beyond your natural vision.  Into reality.  Just dive into Me, dive into My heart.  Let Me remove coverings.  Let Me remove all coverings, so you remember!  So you'll remember what we had from the beginning.  Remember what we had before.  Remember what we started with.  Remember when you were just a thought - I saw you, I knew you, I know you still.  Remember the Glory.  Remember, remember My Glory. 


Come away with Me... To the place of no limits, the place of My heart.  The place of no limits, the Kingdom of God.  The place of no limits, right here in My love.  The place of no limits, place of no limits.  Won't you come, come away with Me again and again.  Come away, come to Me.  Come, come, come away."


Entering Into the Ninth Hour


Abiding is to remain one with One; to remain unchanged with the Source.  It isn't just reading scripture, praying, and worshiping; even though abiding involves all of those things.  But, to abide means that we continually ask Dad His thoughts on things, His view of the situation. We want to get His eyes on the subject.  As we yield our natural eyes to take on Dad's, we position ourselves to see beyond the natural into what is Real and True, according to the Knowledge of God.  We must ask Holy Spirit to then change our perceptions to line up with His.  As we do this, our spirits will become more sensitive to the atmosphere around us.  We will discern (as we ask Dad) those who are seated at the Gate called Beautiful, those ready to step through.  We will know the Ninth Hour access, and we will see beyond the lie of natural sight into True Reality; releasing the Power that is working in us... Eternal Life... Jesus!


Beloved, there is a Ninth Hour for you to enter into.   There is also a Ninth Hour for others that Dad wants to partner with you in right now.  It's time to stop waiting for Him to miraculously do something with what we see in this world, and to position ourselves to SEE what is already complete!  That's what Peter and John did.  So, step into the Ninth Hour with the very Source of Life, Who is one with you!  Discern the moment you are in, see with Dad's heart and eyes, and allow Him to burst His Light and Life out of you - transforming the atmosphere.  In that Ninth Hour moment, people will be forever changed, the Kingdom will increase, and Dad will receive all the glory!


Connie V. Scott

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