Spiritual Warfare and Cancer by Amy Friend

By Amy Friend
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What does true spiritual warfare look like in standing against cancer?
Firstly, the Father wants you to know that He loves you so very much and it is not His will for you to leave early. We all should know that cancer is of the enemy. He is the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy and will use this fallen world and its ways to accomplish this.
Spiritual Warfare is not what Some have Been Taught
Ephesians tells us to put on the armor of God...a spiritual armor. For it (cancer) is a spiritual battle. We battle not with our own flesh or the flesh of others, but against principalities, powers, and wickedness. This is describing the enemy behind all attacks to our minds, and our bodies.
Spiritual armor covers us, clothed in Jesus. The armor is Jesus. The Bible says the shield of faith is the most important of all pieces of this armor.
This shield is our faith in Him and in His word, logos and Rhema. Sometimes our shields may have weakened areas in them that a fiery dart can get through from the enemy. This can become a "hole" after constant firing of the enemy's darts. If I could show you in the spirit what I am seeing...once a fiery dart has pierced through our shield, the battle is on. (The weakness can come because of many things, there is NO condemnation as to HOW it got there)The Lord does not want you to concentrate on how, why etc. This is a trick of the enemy to do so. Just know that the Lord doesn't judge you.  He is never disappointed in you, and He only sees you as perfect because He sees you as He sees His Son...totally righteous, totally pure, totally Holy. Our own righteousness is, and always will be as filthy rags before a perfect, Holy God.
No matter what we do right, no matter what we do wrong, we are seen covered by Jesus, and HIS righteous sacrifice since the Cross. It is never about how good we are or we are not...it is always about how good HE IS. That is why there is never any condemnation.
Once a fiery dart has hit its target, resulting in the body with cancer, the spiritual warfare for life is thrown into defense mode instead of the offense mode it was in before the sickness dart.  Now you are defending your right to be healed and made whole!
The Lord would have you REST in Him. Yes, rest...not in the way we think of rest, but in putting your energy and focus on Him, His goodness, His love for you and desire to heal you here.
What Spiritual Warfare Really is
Spiritual warfare is focusing on our big God...our magnificent healer, His goodness and His mercy...His unconditional LOVE.  "Spiritual warfare has not been taught correctly in the Body and due to lack of knowledge many of My people perish."  The Lord desires that all change their thinking and none perish before their time.
Whatever we focus on grows in strength. When people face a battle such as cancer, most often they will focus on "fighting the devil" when they really are strengthening his attack by focusing on him. We fight the devil correctly by squeezing out fear, squeezing out sickness, squeezing out any doubts, condemnation, and unbelief. This IS the battle.
How? We do all this by resting in Him. We rest in Him , which allows Him to fight the enemy for us (the battle belongs to Him, not us anyway).
Resting is Active
LABOR to enter into MY REST. His "rest" is all that Jesus did for us at Calvary in the New Covenant. This includes healing.
So to do this, we take our focus off the cancer, off the enemy, off self and wrap ourselves up in worship, high praise, magnifying our God...not praying the problem. He knows the problem...the enemy knows the problem...focusing on the problem never works. It is strengthened! GOD is the answer...so we focus all our time, energy, thinking, understanding on HOW good HE is! This releases His awesome healing presence to heal us, set us free, and deliver us from the wiles of the enemy.
Many times, we pray the problem, we beg, for His mercy when HE has already given everything we need, so HE cannot answer this prayer. The Cross did it all, provided a way of escape from every attack. Jesus' blood was and is more than enough! No weapon formed against us will prosper. Renounce any agreement you may have come into with the enemy and condemn those words! Rendering them ineffective.  When you must speak of it, use word phrases like "the Doctor has diagnosed cancer," or "I have a diagnosis of cancer."  Words are powerful because we hear them and start taking them on. Always add a BUT! BUT Jesus wants to heal me, Jesus provided healing, Jesus is my healer. Speak words over yourself that carry life and power!  These words will always be in agreement with HIS words. Make your words and what is in your heart line up with His.
I encourage you to focus on Him and not engage in a fight against an already defeated foe. Jesus stripped him of his authority at Calvary. All he has now is lies and deceptions as he tries to steal our God given power and authority.  We unknowingly do this by giving him our attention instead of magnifying (as in a magnifying glass, making HUGE) our God and HIS truth.
YES, use declarations from your lips...prophesy your own future with scripture about His loving kindness and mercy...HIS deliverance from evil...His power and authority! Compliment Him, love on Him, fill your thoughts with images of His goodness and love for you! This stops the attacks of the enemy on your mind. The mind IS the battlefield.
Our spirits after salvation, are "reborn," spiritually hooked back up to our Creator...they are pure, Holy...a new creation and not defiled. Our body and soul however were not, that is why we are told to RENEW them with HIS TRUTH, His ways...our thinking is key. We must get rid of any false images we have in our thinking about the Lord and know HE wants us whole, healed, and delivered. HE loves us dearly. HE hurts for us.  HE hates sickness and disease. HE hates cancer being in your body more than you do.
When we truly believe in His goodness without exception, we can come to realize Him in our lives as our HEALER.
Speak His Goodness and Truth to Your Body
We have authority over our bodies. We must learn to use it. Command the cancer to die and leave your body, then start fighting the GOOD FIGHT of faith by focusing on Him in the proper way...His goodness, and His love. Keep all negative thoughts away. Just don't even go there. Ignore the devil...do not strengthen him by giving him any attention. Pray prayers that the Lord can answer-not the problem! Not asking for what HE has already given through Jesus. Praise Him for victory, compliment who HE is...the Almighty...the Author and Finisher of our Faith. Read and declare scriptures that Glorify Who HE is as our Healer. Listen to anointed music and starve any doubts and fears. Uncap the well of your God given faith by pushing off from the top of it those boulders of unbelief, doubt, and fear. Use the name of Jesus!
Remember, whatever you focus on, is what you will receive. Whatever you think, you receive...because a person's thinking is an indicator of their beliefs...as a man thinks, so he is. Sow correctly into your healing and reap.
Father, I ask that every person reading this article be loosened from the stronghold and attack of cancer! I ask that Heaven's wholeness be released and that Your healing power and wholeness be bound to their body! Precious Holy Spirit, be ever so close and give them the Faith to receive. May they overcome by the blood (the sacrifice Jesus made at Calvary), this Rhema Word that the Lord desires to heal them NOW, HERE. And by the Word of what they believe in alignment with Your will (their testimony).May their very life be laid down for Your purposes as they allow You to live through them and accomplish their God given destinies. Give them strength and wisdom…may their WORDS, EMOTIONS AND WILL be lined up with Your own. So be it! In Jesus' powerful name. All glory is Yours.
God bless you on your journey. 
Amy Friend
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Cancer and spiritual warfare

Something very important is to investigate if there be any root of unforgiveness or bitterness against self others or God. These two things can play a part in the roots of disease. Are there any regrets? Pain in a memory? That indicates a need for repentance from unforgiveness and bitterness.