Recently, I heard the Lord say, "We are going on a re-formation journey." When He spoke these words, He put such an emphasis on the word "re-formation." I knew there was a deep work of the Holy Spirit to bring change, realignment, renewal, transformation, transition, remodeling, correction, repairing, a shift and much more. There was a "rebuilding," a deep healing and a divine overhaul that the Lord was bringing forth. He was dealing with areas where the enemy had come hard against many of God's people to bring things into disarray. The Lord was dealing with areas of misalignment.
The other week I had a dream, and I heard the Lord say, "The greater the battle, the bigger the miracle." When He spoke these words I felt great hope, full of expectation, being released in the dream. I felt such an increase in the demonstrative power of God to turn impossibility on its head. I could also see that the Spirit of God was bringing comfort to those who have been in major battles. I could feel the weariness of these many saints who have been saying, "The battle has been so great."
Recently as I was talking to the Lord, I heard Him speak this over many people: "Get up again! Get ferocious in faith over the vision and what I have promised you. You are stepping into a grand manifestation." At that moment, I sensed an empowering wind of the Holy Spirit blowing fiercely into the lives of many men and women who've felt like they have been "beaten down" over the visions and promises of the Lord that they have been carrying. These people had been teetering on the edge, not wanting to fight over the vision or the promise anymore; but when the Lord spoke those words, "Get up again!" there was such a strong, renewed sense of resolve.
Recently I heard the Lord speaking over many in the body of Christ and He spoke, "It may look like the end, but it's new birth." I began to see people all across the body of Christ in a place of feeling like they had "lost themselves" in 2021 because of all the hardship and battles they had endured. They came to the beginning of 2022 and were feeling 'lost.' Feeling like they were but a shadow of themselves and who they were and beginning to flourish into, in the years before. The Lord began to show me that their hearts were crying out to Him in deep pain.
Recently I heard the Lord say. "I am establishing the HOME season" and when He spoke those words I knew immediately it was a multilayered word. The Lord showed me there was a deeper understanding and awakening taking place in the body of Christ of the reality of "Home in Him." It was a deep burning revelation of communion and oneness with Him. It was the John 15 place of abiding in the vine. It was a place of finding deeper rest, peace, security, safety, life and strength in Him.
The Lord has been speaking to me for quite a few years now about a major wave of deliverance coming to the body of Christ like we have never seen before. I believe we have now entered that time, where the Lord is delivering His people in power in ways we have never experienced. Recently I heard the Lord say, "Now is the time for 24-hour, major, monumental deliverance." When He spoke these words, they resounded loudly in my spirit. He is moving in so much power, upon many right now, that monumental change will take place in a day. Things will look one way and then, suddenly, the mighty wind of the Holy Spirit will come in power and bring significant deliverance and complete change.
Recently, I had a dream that I was sitting across the table from a prophet, and we were having a discussion about the season we are currently in. What struck me was the level of creativity that this particular prophet carried. As we discussed the new era, I responded to all they were saying by saying, "Yes! We are in a time, right now, of only God." I knew in the dream that the Lord was speaking about the unprecedented miracles and demonstrations of His power. I felt a strong sense in the atmosphere that if God doesn't show up, then the "impossibilities" won't move.
Over the last few weeks, I have been feeling the Lord's heart to encourage those who are in and have been in the battle places, more than ever. The heart of the Lord has gripped me strongly as I have felt His love and His encouragement for these battle-weary saints. As I sat with the Lord, I heard the Lord speaking over these ones, "I am restoring your roar." The Lord then showed me that these battle-weary saints have lost their roar in the battle. They have lost their voice and the ferociousness that they once walked in because the battle has been so intense, but the Lord is moving in power to restore the roar of these battle-weary ones.
Lately, the Lord has been impressing His faithfulness upon my heart for the body of Christ right now. As I sat with the Lord and spent time seeking His heart, I heard Him say: "I will not fail you. I will do that which I have promised." "You keep every promise You've ever made to me! Since Your love for me is constant and endless, I ask You, Lord, to finish every good thing that You've begun in me!" (Ps. 138:8, TPT). "The Lord will accomplish what concerns me; Your faithfulness, Lord, is everlasting; do not abandon the works of Your hands" (Ps. 138:8, NASB). I had a very deep sense that many in the body of Christ are needing hope right now. A ferocious battle against what God has spoken has been unleashed against them.
There is a specific assignment of the enemy targeting many right now who are on assignment from the Lord, pioneering with Him the new thing that He is doing, and the enemy has come hard against them. I saw such intimidation coming against these ones and it is to cause you to 'come off the wall' and to withdraw. The push against you is to cause you not to PUSH THROUGH with the assignment the Lord has given you.