Rising Above It By Pam Clark

By Pam Clark

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Pam ClarkWe look at our society as being so dysfunctional and we have to ask ourselves as Christians: Does God want a functional society? And if He does, do we know our place in that? So many attack; but how many build?


When we throw the burden off on others, we have not accepted our roles as Christians! We are to be salt and light. Our biggest challenge if we feel we know the Lord to any degree is to find our place - not as taking over or telling God or others what to do, but to work and equip people in what they are good at in their Spiritual nature.


If we were good at what we do, we would be in government positions - in one capacity of "governing" or another. We would be creating positive change and ruling in the land. Today, too many clamor after others and never look at themselves and their potentials. We all have them!


Finding Our Place


But instead, too often, we play the blame game for the temporary buzz of the challenge not being on us. And see, after you get good at something, God and sometimes people think you can do more! 


When we find our place we come to understanding and discerning our borders.  Some of those borders, once *defined*, then have potential for negotiation and growth, but that is after you find your positive place of productiveness. Some will be offended by your positive revelation of self, but if you find that in the Lord, you will see it as a holy place and you will defend it. 


When you put the burden for change all upon yourself, you will ultimately crater. But if you co-labor or work with God for His Plan, when the going gets tough, you can put it all on Him. He will give you those seasons of rest and encouragement or at the least, the place of finding yourself again.


We really do labor to enter "the rest." We look for those places where we do understand His will and know that our hearts and then our actions align with it and He carries it! As Christians, we can ask ourselves, "What does God want me to do today?" and if sincere, you can get answers!


The Process of Metamorphosis


Our foundation has to be the proper understanding of His Word, and I so believe that, but I find that my understanding of it grows every day. We are in a process of metamorphosis and it's only going to get better! How awesome is that?


I used to think that was a sales pitch, and in some businesses out there it is, but in the Lord, there is a place you come to where you really do realize He is going somewhere with this life we live.


You will have to challenge the status quo at times and sometimes it's really hard. People often have you "in boxes," and they are comfortable with their mindset of you. Real friends want to see your potential and don't condemn you or assign you to defeat.

Many will feel the urge to compete with you, it's just a flesh nature thing that often society encourages, but there is a spirit of that which is unGodly. But whether you want it or like it or not, you will have to confront it and learn how to do it the most productive way for you.


Of course we are called to reasonable service and to not make a brother or sister stumble. And really, that compassion and care is where we get set free in God. We partner with Him for the benefit of the whole and His pleasure in that WILL speak to us!


Becoming Empowered


There is a provoking that is good and one that is evil and there is a reaction to it that is good and one that is evil. We struggle here! At least I do! But if I dive in to God and seek His will, I get delivered and often empowered.


Remember when the prophets provoked Elisha to go look for Elijah who had been carried away in the whirlwind? He knew, he saw what happened but they provoked him to madness! We know the story of Moses who smote the rock instead of speaking to it. There can be consequences but oh how nice that mercy of God is. Later we see Moses in the land on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus.


The devil HATES the mercy of God.  We feel that warfare. When we get into the sport of attacking other human beings, it can turn society the wrong way. Sometimes it is better to seem the fool than be the fool!


When we are in the sport of that, it shows that we have not found our own way on His path.  Our focus there is on self and not on God and He calls that "the flesh." It's the reason we bury our dead because "it stinketh."  Over the years, many have found His higher ways.


Life goes on beyond the grave and Jesus came to prove it and manifest it, that it is through Him! It's not a condemnation thing, but a reality thing. Who else can prove that through their Presence?  His Presence is pretty awesome.


God's Presence goes beyond personal!  It's personal but also corporate, global and universal! And they say the Universe is still expanding. It's a sin to be bored! As we labor to connect with Him, we will see our best life.


Pam Clark

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