2013 Transition & 2014 Position - Submerged By Ben Berges

By Ben Berges

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The Lord has been showing me things about 2013 and 2014 that are transitional and positional for the people of God. I share this hoping that we will come into position to where we are supposed to be and we will flow where the Lord intends us in this next year of what God wants to do in your life personally.


I had a vision of an ocean that was raging full of waves. There was a storm on the horizon and it was coming in to shore. I saw that on the surface things were chaotic and frightening. There were people panicking and trying to prepare but there was no peace at all in them. The Lord said to me these are the ones who have not learned to be submerged in my peace and flow with my spirit. I then saw the Lord take me into the raging waters. It was kind of like Peter walking on the water towards the Lord. Every step Peter took he had to conquer a measure of fear. Peter's senses were screaming at him to be afraid because of his surroundings. The Lord said to me, "this is a time where we must submerge our senses."  Instantly I was seeing under the ocean. I was under the water but as I looked up I could still see the waves tossing around on the surface. The deeper we went the calmer it became. There was a peace and when you became still you could feel the current of that water. The Lord said, "this is a time where I want my church to flow with my spirit in the deep, and when they do they will come to the surface seeing an entirely different land."


Just like the current of that water we need to drift with the Holy Spirit more than ever this year. It's a time of transition and position for many. The Lord showed me that there will be some who try to get to the places they are supposed to be in the Lord with their own methods and ways. I saw people gathering boats and trying to push through the waves and the storm. Many people ended up shipwrecked and pushed back to shore. They did not move from the place they were at. There was no moving to a new place for these people.


The Lord gave me John 20:14 for the year 2014. The story is about Mary Magdalene seeing Jesus risen from the grave. Mary is searching and looking for Jesus and instead she finds two angels. She tells these angels, my heart is broken because I can't find we they put Jesus.


Here is where verse fourteen comes in. It starts off saying, "NOW!!!" When Mary had said this she, "turned around" and saw Jesus but did not recognize Him.


This is a Now Time!


The Lord is saying that this is a NOW TIME for you to submerge your senses. Mary was heartbroken and overcome with emotion but as soon as she knew and recognized Jesus was in front of her she had peace! In verse sixteen Jesus says to her, "MARY!" 


Listen Jesus is transitioning you and positioning you! You may not know where you are going but you know how to follow the current of his Spirit. He is getting ready to put your senses at peace. No worry, no fear, no doubt is allowed. Like Mary you will not recognize what is in front of you. It will be a new place filled with your purpose and full of His grace!


This is a Turnaround Time!


This is a turnaround time for you. You felt like you have been turned around and around and it seems like you have no direction spiritually. The waves and things on the surface have your directional bearings off but God says, "it's a turn-around time!"  You will either be turned around by chaos or turned around by Jesus. If you allow this time to be a time of shutting yourself in with Him and fixing all your senses on Him you will have a complete turnaround. What you thought could not happen will, where you didn't think you could be you will be.


Mary said to the angels, "I am crying because they have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid Him."  That was a language of hunger, a language of searching for Jesus. She had seen Jesus before he went on the cross but now she was about to see him in a new form. It was the same Jesus but he had a different appearance!


This is a Time When He will Call You by Name!


You may not recognize it at first but He, I mean Jesus will call you by name!  We don't want to be like a "young" Samuel in this season where when He calls we do not recognize His voice. Again when your spiritual senses are submerged in Him you will be alert. You will recognize His voice and you will see him in a NEW level of glory!


This is a Time of Seeing New Manifestations of His Glory


You know, when you think about this here... Mary had been around Jesus "a lot!" She saw the miracles and heard him preach. Yet she was standing a few feet from him at the tomb and didn't recognize Him!  Why?


Jesus had a glory that was upon Him that Mary had not seen before. That is why she did not recognize him. Listen here, you are going to look upon the glory of the Lord in a new way. There will be new manifestations of the glory of the Lord that people will not recognize as being Him. He will reveal it to you that it is indeed Him.


Ben Berges


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