CLEARANCE: Shepherd´s Rod 2006 (teaching CD) by Bob Jones & Paul Keith Davis
CLEARANCE: Shepherd´s Rod 2006 (teaching CD) by Bob Jones & Paul Keith Davis
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Bob Jones seems to walk with the Lord both day and night, and the supernatural is an everyday occurrence to Bob. As Bob begins to minister prophetically to an individual the Lord moves through Bob, touching on their past wounds, present circumstances, and future dreams that they may be made whole. "I just tell them what the Lord reveals to me," Bob says.

Bob was born in Gravely, Ark., the son of a sharecropper. One summer day when Bob was nine years old, he was walking down a dust road when an angel appeared to him. The angel told Bob that he had come to announce the calling the Lord had placed on his life. Bob was paralyzed. "I'd heard preached in the Baptist church that when the angel came, he'd blow his horn and time would be no more. I thought the time of the end had come, " Bob said.

When Bob was 13 years old, the Lord reaffirmed the calling. This time Bob was walking past a cane field when the Lord called his name out loud. "I heard my name called from the cane field and it terrorized me because I knew it was the Lord," he said.

When he was 15, the Lord supernaturally visited him and showed him the ministry he would have someday. Bob knew he was seeing the real thing. He saw the fear of the Lord. It was so terrorizing that everything within him shook. "He wasn't the God I had learned about in church where you could stand before Him and have sin in your life," Bob said. "At first I thought He was calling me to death through this experience; I didn't want to die yet!"

Bob spent a long time pondering that experience. In the meantime, his family moved to Kansas City, Mo. "There was no one to explain all this to me, " said Bob. "When I remembered those experiences, my nerves would start shaking and I'd start quaking on the inside." Despite his supernatural visitations and revelations, Bob turned to sin. "I think I was the most miserable sinner who ever lived, " he said.

When the Korean War came Bob entered the Marine Corp Reserves. He met his wife, Viola, while he was in the Marine Corps. They were married in 1951. They had a son and named him Robert Wayne Jones. When Bob finished his tour of duty, he moved back to Kansas City and worked as a carpenter.

"I decided I'd do everything I could to get rich, " Bob said. "But just about every time things were going good, the Lord's hand would come down and it would burn up over night and I would be left broke." Throughout this time, Bob had one goal in mind... "I wanted to make enough money so I'd never have to do anything again."

But Bob's dream didn't come true. At the age of 39, he suffered a nervous breakdown. "I got to where my nerves wouldn't let me rest. I had like a mental breakdown, " Bob said. Bob went to a psychiatrist who immediately put him on strong drugs. The medication caused him to sleep all the time. Next, Bob entered the Veteran's hospital in Topeka. The doctor in charge of his case was a Christian. The first thing he did was to take Bob off the drugs.

Other doctors, however, were skeptical of Bob's chances for recovering. "They told my doctor he might as well put me on the strong stuff," Bob said. "They said I'd be there the rest of my life. They were going to get me on social security and all the Veteran's benefits."

Early in the morning on his ninth day in the hospital, the devil began to speak. "Everyone has mistreated you all your life, no wonder you are like you are. You deserve to get even with them. There is a list of 12 people that are responsible for your being here. Why don't you run away tonight and go kill them, then come back? They've got you in the crazy ward anyway and you're going to be here the rest of your life. They won't do anything to you."

Bob immediately cried out to the Lord of help. He had enough background in the Baptist church during his boyhood years to know to cry out to Jesus for help. "A voice spoke to me and said, 'I can't help you, Bob, until you forgive them," Bob said. Bob got on his knees and started to forgive people. He started with the 12 the devil had mentioned. Then he began with others, going as far back as he could remember. Bob repented of his sin and cried to Jesus for forgiveness.

The next day the doctor saw Bob in the hall. "He drew back and fell against the wall and looked at me and said, 'Hey, what happened to you?' I told him I'd found Jesus," Bob said. The following day Bob was discharged and returned to Kansas City. He was instructed to get a low-pressure job and warned never to drink again.

For the next four years, Bob spent great amounts of his time reading and studying the Word. He had a unique hunger for God's word that led him into hours a day of study and meditation. However, every time a salvation call was given in the Baptist church, Bob stood up. "I loved the Lord, but I'd done a lot of bad things in my life, " he said. Once he realized he was truly saved, Bob had faith for the other areas of ministry in which the Lord had called him. "Getting to that place where I knew I was saved was the hardest thing with me," Bob said.

Bob began to have visions and words spoken to him by the Lord. They came in a variety of ways: through open visions, trances, audible voices, dreams, angelic appearances and demonic confrontations. These words and visions often foretold future events in both church and national affairs. These experiences never contradicted
the word of God.

In 1974 Bob and Viola were at the Lake of the Ozarks with some friends. The friends wanted to lay hands on Bob so he might receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Although Bob didn't believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he decided to pacify them. "All of a sudden something warm started running down my head and my neck and my back, " Bob said. "I immediately went into that realm where I saw Technicolor visions for the first time in my life. The people quit praying because I was doing something really strange. I was speaking in tongues."

Bob had an experience when he saw two angels. The angels began to prophesy of things to come. Through the angel's prophetic words, Bob learned there was to be a new breed of leaders across the nation, that that he was to be a prophet., The Lord gave Bob 12 signs that would verify the truth of this supernatural experience. Those 12 signs were to happen in the natural as a confirmation.

Bob went to church and testified about the prophecies and 12 signs the Lord had given him, assuming they would all happen immediately. "But two weeks later I wanted to repent because the things I had prophesied about hadn't happened, " Bob said. "The first prophesy didn't happen for two years. The second didn't happen for five years."

The Lord then began to speak to Bob about an army of young people who would be raised up. "I saw them; they were all young soldiers," he said. "Many of them at first were under 30. Their women were soldiers, also." The Lord showed Bob that these spiritual leaders wouldn't be killed by any natural catastrophe or in sin. God also showed him that his army of young people would never reject the Lord like the young people of his former church. Since those days, the Lord has allowed Bob to grow in both gifts and influence. Bob has been released in full-time ministry and today spends a great deal of his time traveling across the country, ministering at many conferences and churches. During these years Bob has regularly had as many as five to 10 dreams or visions a night. The greatest strengths of Bob's ministry today are in the areas of revelation, power over the enemy and creative miracles.

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