Be Transformed (Prophetic Art- 8.5 x 10.5) by Glenda Wilson
Be Transformed (Prophetic Art- 8.5 x 10.5) by Glenda Wilson
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Glenda Wilson is a passionate student of scripture and has been a prophetic and revelational writer for a number of years. In 2001, she began a new journey …Renderings of the Heart ™ ...a collection of illustrations and writings inspired by dreams, revelation, life experiences, and observations. The most amazing thing about the art is that prior to September 11, she had never created a piece of art. She has had no formal training. He placed His Spirit on the artisans of old, and once again He is supernaturally empowering His people to accomplish His purposes.

Her art, writing, and speaking covers a broad spectrum; from healing the broken-hearted to releasing creativity and revelational gifts. At the heart of everything, is an agenda to teach people how to understand and maximize moments of visitation from the Lord.

The writings that accompany the pieces are as life-changing as the art. God beckons the viewer to go to that place of revelation that He has within each piece …there the Holy Spirit ministers it in a most personal way. In the privacy of their own home, God works through the art and writing to minister His purpose, which for many is something that is better experienced alone with God.

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