Royal Scents Anointing Oil (1/4 oz. bottle) exclusively to Identity Network
Royal Scents Anointing Oil (1/4 oz. bottle) exclusively to Identity Network
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2 Types of Olive oil 1 contains an olive branch from Israel!
Frankincense Myrrh Cedars of Lebanon ,Cinnamon
All The Smells of A King  
This is a very fragrant oil wonderful for Anointing with for The
 " New Birthing of a Kings- Domain  Atmosphere !" 

The Cedar of Lebanon is a huge evergreen tree  reaching 90 feet in height, the "King" of all Biblical trees.  Cedars of Lebanon is the strong, fragrant wood used to build David's house, Solomon's house and much of the First Temple. It was also used along with hyssop in the cleansing of a leper's house. It speaks of strength, permanence, endurance and wholeness.
Ps 92:12 "The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon."

 Two fragrances combined not only smell wonderful , They are the two of the three gifts presented to the Messiah after his birth. (Gold Represents his kingship)
In the days of the temple,  incense containing Frankincense was placed on the Inner Altar of the Tabernacle and burned morning and evening. It speaks of intercession.  Myrrh, used as a burial spice and in purification rites, was a primary ingredient of the Holy Anointing Oil. It speaks of suffering and death, but our total deliverance in the atoning work of Messiah. Frankincense & Myrrh, two of the three prophetic gifts given to the Messiah at His birth, represent His role as Priest and Prophet, signifying all that Messiah does on our behalf.



Is53:5 "He was wounded for our transgression, He was bruised for our iniquities; ....and by His stripes we are healed."   
Heb 7:24-26: "...he is totally able to deliver those who approach God through him; since he is alive forever and thus able to intercede on their behalf."  
Proverbs 7:17
I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes and cinnamon.

Song of Solomon 4:6
Until the day breaks and the shadows flee, I will go to the mountain of myrrh and to the hill of incense.( Intercession Prerserved)

Cinnamon has been known from remote antiquity. The Old Testament makes specific mention of the spice many times: first when Moses is commanded to use both sweet cinnamon (Hebrew קִנָּמוֹן, qinnāmôn) and cassia  in the holy anointing oil; in Proverbswhere the lover's bed is perfumed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.; and in Song of Solomon, a song describing the beauty of his beloved, cinnamon scents her garments like the smell of Lebanon
As you can see... these oils are truly fit for a King.
Royal Scents Kings Oil  Anointing Oil
 Fragrance Oil
Fit for a King The Anointing for Kingship

These oils are hand poured using 19 different scents
Ministries are using them ..

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