SPECIAL DEAL: El Olam Everlasting Light (prophetic music CD) by John Belt
SPECIAL DEAL: El Olam Everlasting Light (prophetic music CD) by John Belt
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El Olam Everlasting Light
Prophetic Music CD
by John Belt

El Olam is Hebrew for "Eternal God."


El Olam Everlasting Light is the second instrumental CD in the El Olam series and continues the saga that was created spontaneously with an abundance and diversity of sounds that include Percussions; Drums; Native American Flutes; Bells; Chimes; and the Hebrew Spoken Word, which is spoken softly in the background. Open the door and enter into an experience in the Eternal King's Realm where the fire never dies!




1. Dawning Stars

2. Living Lightbeams

3. Breath's Portal

4. Breath's Kiss

5. Breath's Glory

6. Sustained Radiance

7. Crystal Robes

8. Hidden Manna

9. Angel's Cry

10. Resplendent Light

11. Radiant Fragrance

12. Kadosh Ruah Yah...

13. Holy Breath of God

John Belt has produced a variety of instrumental and worship CD projects to help people experience God in a tangible way. Through music and sound John opens doors in the Spirit through worship and sound to provide atmospheres for intimacy with God, healing, miracle and prophetic release in the manifested Presence of God.





I received Everlasting Light today and I cant believe how rich it is!!!!!!!!!!!! 
As soon as I start playing it, I get allllll whacked up in the Spirit!!!



John Belt, I want to let you know what a blessing you are...
I pray that God gives you more downloads from heaven to bless the body with!!!


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