CLEARANCE: Fire and Sword (book) by Brian Shafer
CLEARANCE: Fire and Sword (book) by Brian Shafer
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Fire and Sword

The battle between good and evil continues! Unable to finish the battle at Calvary, Lucifer and his angels now deal with the fledgling Church that was born in great power on Pentecost. Lucifer tries hard to stamp out this spirit-empowered group of believers, including murderous persecution and subtle corruption from within. You are part of the angelic realm as you watch the Lord work through Peter, Paul, Stephen and others to build a supernatural Kingdom. This dramatic interplay illustrates the desperate battle waging around the early Church between the forces of good and evil. Our fight is not against human beings. No, it is against rulers, against authorities, against world powers of this darkness, and against evil spiritual beings in the heavenly world (Ephesians 6:12 PEB). Author and pastor D. Brian Shafer brings creative life to an ancient story, revealing how the enemy works, then and now, to destroy God's people. Fire and Sword is book five in the Chronicles of the Host series. 

About the Author:

Doug Shafer is a pastor and writer who lives in Waco, Texas with his wife, Lori, and their three awesome kids: Kiersten,Breelin and Ethan. Doug's passion is to see people grow closer to God through literature of all kinds and his prayer is that in writing he will encourage people to develop a living relationship with the Living Word.

What others are saying about this book:

This author has a very unique writing and teaching apporach to bring to us the Word of God. It is a literature apporach. It is a story of truth. The subtitle "Chronicles of the Hosts" is so approprite. We all need today to learn truths, to grow closer to our Lord, and to serve Him to fully develop an every day loving relationship with Him and His Word. Take time and read this important life-issue book of our fight against the powers of darkness and evil in this world we live.

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