Baby Oil (MP3 Music Download) by John Belt
Baby Oil (MP3 Music Download) by John Belt
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Baby Oil
MP 3 Music Download
by John Belt

"Babies are a gift, but there are times when we would like them to just have a nice quiet rest! We at Nature Soak have produced this instrumental CD to help them do just that. This project has been "clinicallyā€¯ tested in babysitters' quarters. That means that we tried this on the babies to see if it would actually aid in helping them to quiet down and rest. It did work! So we are excited to offer this project to all the baby caretakers, moms and etc. to use. This will not only bring peace to your children but will give you peace and rest as well."- John Belt

John Belt is the founder of Live In His Presence Ministries. His heart is to provide the atmosphere for healing and breakthrough in worship, to open the door for the prophetic, and healing waves of the manifest Presence of God. John is a creative worshipper; he creates the songs and melodies the Spirit of God places in his heart at Live In His Presence Studios using keyboards, guitars and vocals.

Out of a great desire to usher people into the Presence of God, he has produced instrumental CD projects called The Soaking Presence, The Portals of Heaven, Another Realm, Prophetic Warrior, Sacred Fire, and The Eye of God. John had served at Ministry to the Nations (now Encounters Network) for four years with James W. & Michal Ann Goll, a prophetic ministry of training and impartation in the Presence of God. John makes his home in Ohio.

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