CLEARANCE: Like Passion (Prophetic Worship CD) by Garry Mulgrew
CLEARANCE: Like Passion (Prophetic Worship CD) by Garry Mulgrew
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Like Passion
by Garry Mulgrew
Like Passion was recorded live as well as a few studio songs to help fill it out. They were recorded at Todd Bentley's "Spirit of Elijah Healing Conference" in BC Canada. The CD starts off with a prophetic decree preparing the way of the Lord and ends with the intimate song "You Are Holy" that takes you right into the throne room of God.

Garry and Kim Mulgrew have been actively involved in worship leading and preaching the word for over 16 years. Their infectious love for Jesus is plainly displayed in their worship and teaching. Their heart is to ignite an atmosphere of worship in the church to help usher in the manifest presence of God. They have led worship for Todd Bentley (Fresh Fire) and Patricia King (Extreme Prophetic) as well as many others. Gary is a graduate of CFNI Canada and is an ordained minister. They have appeared on the miracle channel as well as TBN and various radio shows.

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