(4) 30 Minute Life Coaching Session Package Special
(4) 30 Minute Life Coaching Session Package Special
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My life has been changed forever! I had so many questions about who I am but I was living in the part of who I use to be. Dr Lopez helped me to find who I am and what I am called to do in this life. He taught me how to let go of my past failures. Today, I am living out that dream with my new prospering business! Thank you Jesus and thank you Dr Lopez.


I was blown away! I never knew what I was called to be or do in my life. Jeremy showed me what I was called to do as a vocation. It was there the entire time inside of me!'



I had my life coaching session today with Jeremy and it was great! I just re-listened to it and it all made so much sense to me and what I need to do. It was a little hard to concentrate today as I booked myself out of the office today for the session and closed my office door. Everyone knew I was taking a conference call but not for what for. My boss kept calling me and then finally emailed and said you need to see me immediately! ha! ha! Just an attack to disrupt my meeting. After the meeting with Jeremy I went into his office and they are increasing my salary to cover new car payments for me. So it all turned out good :)

Just wanted to tell you this and you can pass this along to Jeremy but he probably gets so much feedback anyway but....as you know it always nice to get confirmation.
Today he said I see a Beverly in your life from the past and feel like you are supposed to finish something about her or something she started or about finishing something that was started. I didn't know what that was until I re-listened to the talk.
My mother's name is Beverly and she died 20 years ago and was not a Christian then and neither was she until a couple of days before she died she must have found God as she asked for a church service. She died of cancer and I still regret that I wasn't a Christian then to pray over her. I was into new age and actually paid for her to go see a hypnotherapist so she could heal herself. Once I became a Christian I told myself I would never let another cancer consume a person without praying for them with all my heart and belief.
I am part of a healing ministry and we lay hands on people with cancer and they have been healed. Part of what is in my heart is to show people God still heals and wants to heal through them! And to see people healed! Teach people that believers can lay hands on the sick and they WILL recover.
Maybe that was part of what I need to continue and finish..... )
All I know is this, after re-listening to our meeting today I feel I got some really solid direction in how to move forward in my life by living, moving, and creating in the now and that now will just continue into tomorrow's now and he will move me along the path too. It was very uplifting for me.
Thank you for all you do and being part of such a wonderful ministry!
I want to let Jeremy know that the life coaching really was 100% accurate.. I was speechless to everything that he said to me. As I went back to listen to my session with him, I can't stop crying from being filled with over flowing joy. Every time I listen to the recording I get something new that I missed or need to hear at that moment.!! I am so amazed at how the Lord loves us some much. I just what to thank you for all the blessing you poured in my heart, soul and spirit. I am so thankful for anointedpeople such as yourself who are so faithful to hear the Lord's voice.THANK YOU!!! I cant put in words what the coaching has done for me. I really am in aw!! I am so encouraged!!!! May the Lord Bless you with earthly blessings and heavenly blessings!!!!

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