The Invitation (MP3 Music Downloads) By Nic and Rachel Billman
The Invitation (MP3 Music Downloads) By Nic and Rachel Billman
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The Invitation
MP3 Music Downloads
 By Nic and Rachel Billman

  1 - The Invitation
  2 - Fragrance
  3 -  Hallelujah
  4 - Broken Generation
  5 - My Heart The Target
  6 - Shores of Grace
  7 - Son of Righteousness
  8 - Overflow
  9 - Key To My Heart
 10 - Leila's Song
 11 - Deep In Jesus Heart

Nic and his wife Rachael live in Central, PA with their three children, Christian, Forrest and Leila. In addition to their itinerate ministry they are currently serving at First UMC in Mercersburg, PA as Youth Pastors and Worship Leaders.

Nic is a 3rd generation pastor. In addition to pastoring, his father also serves on staff for Aldersgate Renewal Ministries. His grandather traveled to several foreign countries on missions , preached at camp meetings and also worked with Billy Graham in addition to pastoring several churches. Rachael's father is a pastor as well. Their parents are longtime friends and Nic and Rachael have known each other since they were born.

When Nic was 13 years old, God called him into ministry, and when he was 15 he attended an Aldersgate Life in The Spirit Conference where Linda Gregorino (a woman gifted in the prophetic) gave him a small wrench and spoke a prophetic word over his life that "God would use Nic to restore and to build The Church.” It wasn’t until later that he would realize the depth and reality of that word. Later that year Nic went to the Freshwind Youth Conference '98 in Toronto and witnessed, and recieved, the power and love of God like he had never experienced before.

Nic’s life in music began in a rock band in the Philadelphia area. After several years (and a lot of fun) in that band they parted ways when he and Rachael got married. Through God’s grace, and after various falls and failures along the journey, God started to draw Nic to a deeper place in the Spirit through worship. He began to spend more time in the Secret place, seeking the face of God. Psalm 105:3-4 was the cry of his heart:

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