School of the Law of Attraction (MP3 Download Course) by Jeremy Lopez
School of the Law of Attraction (MP3 Download Course) by Jeremy Lopez
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School of the Law of Attraction
with Bonus CD Set: The Law of Creation

MP3 MP4 Digital Download 4 Week Course
 by Jeremy Lopez

Proverbs 23:7 - "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..
Deuteronomy 30:15 - "See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil..."

Welcome to the School of the Law of Attraction. This long awaited course has been in demand by so many people across the globe. This course will bring the actual "secret" of the foundation of what the Law of Attraction really is in our lives. You will learn the "secret law" behind the Law of Attraction and what causes you to draw things faster into your life. You will learn the "gold nuggets" you have been looking for to help empower you to a happier, healthier life; we call the Zoe kind of life in God."

- Jeremy Lopez


Bonus CD Set: The Law of Creation


......Also, you will get an Instrumental Music
CD that will help awaken the supernatural within you...


DVD: Introduction to Biblical Foundations on Law of Attraction

CD: Introduction to Sound Waves


Week 1: Foundation 101

CThe Law of Attraction: Universal Power of Spirit (book) by Jeremy Lopez - Click To Enlarge 

EBOOK: Read the Book, "The Law of Attraction" by Jeremy Lopez

CD 1: Steps to the Awakening Process

CD 2: Law of Attraction 101

CD 3: Laying the Foundation for the Law of Attraction


Week 2 Creating Exploration

CD 1: The Power to Access the Law of Attraction

CD 2: Power of Creative Intention

CD 3: What Things Soever You Desire

CD 4: The Principles of the Law of Attraction


Week 3 Changing and Shifting Paradigms

CD 1: Do You Believe You Can

CD 2: Redefining Substances with Creative Anointing

CD 3: Reconnecting to Creation Resources


Week 4 Manifesting Creation

CD 1: Taking Action Behind Your Thoughts

CD 2: "I AM" is Your Magnet

CD 3: The Secret and Key to Money Manifestation



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