School of the Prophetic Word (Hardcopy Course) by Jeremy Lopez
School of the Prophetic Word (Hardcopy Course) by Jeremy Lopez
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School of the Prophetic Word

4 Week Course

(12 CD's, 1 Book, 1 Mp3 Prophetic Word, 1 Instructional Card)
by Jeremy Lopez
Welcome to the School of the Prophetic Word! This is a "first" in its class pertaining strictly to this subject on the nucleus of the prophetic word alone. In this 4-week course, you will discover the definition, power and action of the voice of God through the avenue of the prophetic word. You will also hear the secret of the vibration of what the word of God does throughout the universe and how it affects the very atoms inside of YOU! Get ready to discover things that will change your life forever! - Jeremy Lopez


Includes: A Prophetic Word from Jeremy Lopez

(sent to your email as an Mp3)


Week 1: The Nucleus of Prophecy



CD 1: The Prophetic Word, Your Compass

CD 2: The Definition of His Voice

CD 3: The Treasure of the Prophetic Anointing


Week 2: Personal Development in Prophecy



CD 1: Prophecy Opens You Go!

CD 2: Tuning in to the Voice of God

CD 3: The Prophetic Word vs The Ego


Week 3: Your Response to Prophecy



CD 1: Personal Prophecy Demands a Response

CD 2: What Next God? Discouraged After Your Prophetic Word?

CD 3: Prophecy is Speaking to You

Book: Birthing Forth Your Prophetic Word


Week 4: Prophecy in Action



CD 1: The Vibration of the Prophetic Word

CD 2: The Process of the Prophetic Word

CD 3: The Prophetic Decree of Heaven


Bonus: Prophetic Instructional Card










1 Card:  "Receiving A Prophetic Word" Instructional Card








Here are some endorsements:
"This course showed me that I have power, authority and have a 'say so' in my own life." - June Kimsy
"Why don't churches teach this stuff? This is so good! - Kelly Tomberlin
"I now know why my prophetic words have not been coming to pass." - Amy Johnson







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