Words Become Flesh (DVD) By Jason Upton
Words Become Flesh (DVD) By Jason Upton
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Jason Upton (born December 15, 1973) is an American Christian artist who was popularized by his appearances at services in Lou Engle's movement The Call. He is somewhat critical of highly structured church services and varying degrees of professionalism in the church.

Jason Upton was born on December 15, 1973 and was adopted on March 13, 1974. Central to his Christian testimony are his Native American roots. While originally told that his birth father was a Dakota, which is one of the tribes of the Sioux nation, he has recently discovered that his birth father was Cherokee.

He grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Upton began singing in churches at the age of 15. During this time he won awards and traveled around singing in churches all over the country. After getting married to his wife Rachel in 1995 the couple began to question why they just sang in churches had desire to impact people for Christ.

During their time at Regent University, finishing their Masters of Divinity programs, they set up a worship room in their home where they regularly gathered with other worshipers to pray. It was during these times that they were convinced that the songs God was giving them during worship were not simply songs but 'keys that would open and shut doors in the spirit.' Since that time Jason has been asked to sing and lead worship all over the country and the world.

The Uptons have three children: Samuel James (born January 9, 2001); Emma (born December 18, 2002), and Lucy Rae (born June 21, 2007).

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