Unifying Glory: That Hearts May Be As One (Prophetic Soaking Music MP3 Download) by Nichole Lawrence
Unifying Glory: That Hearts May Be As One (Prophetic Soaking Music MP3 Download) by Nichole Lawrence
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˜ Recorded with the Sound Majesty˜

The Miracle Story of How it was Destined and Composed

˜Composing Supernatural Glory Music only happens in the

moment destined by God˜ Nichole Lawrence 

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In 2013, I was given a prophetic word from the Lord through Prophet Gordon Hofer that as soon as my River Glory CDs were complete, my next Glory CD that I would record would return father's heart to his children and the children's hearts to their father, separated families would be reunited, even orphans and parents and some who never knew one another will be reconnected by His Glory!!!

I knew in my heart this was to be called ˜Unifying Glory˜

Once my second River Glory CD˜ River Glory Going Deeper was completed I went before the Lord and tried to record Unifying Glory with the sound from Heaven. I tried several times through the year to record it…I prayed and interceded and tried with all my heart, but I never made it through, I couldn't compose it, it never seemed right.

In December, my husband said if there was one thing he would really like for his birthday that would be for me to record Unifying Glory.  He has never asked me for anything before and it was of such significant value, I wanted to honor his only request. 

I knew the price I must pay and knew that I couldn't do it without God. Composing Supernatural Glory Music only happens in the moment destined by God.  I prayed and asked God to help me record Unifying Glory in honor of my husband and his only wish ever requested of me.  

I tried a couple of times again, over the next couple of days but still could not produce it.

On the 18th of December, I woke up very early in morning and prayed to God for help me and went into my studio to give it another try. I made attempts as I have before to reach the level where something such as this could be composed…then finally!I I thought, this must be it! It was the first time in almost a year of trying I made it through.

After recording, I plugged it into my computer and it was not there!!! It had disappeared! I moved the disk back to the recorder to listen to it from there, since it wasn't showing up on my computer, but when I plugged it in, it said "No Data", the whole song vanished!

I sat there in wonder and to my surprise, I had supernatural peace about it.  It took so much out of me finally get that far, I was not near ready to try again for quite awhile.

Later in the afternoon, I decided I would write a song just for him for Christmas since composing Unifying Glory didn't seem to be happening.

The title of the song is called˜You Are My Destiny ˜

It's an instrumental with silent heartfelt lyrics about our love and how we were made for each other and destined to be together. I recorded it with a new sound called Majesty˜ that I created for Heaven to worship and bring Glory and honor to the King. It took me 60 tries but I finally got through the song for him!

I came out of my studio and told my husband about what happened that morning that I had tried to record Unifying Glory and wasn't sure why what I recorded just disappeared, but again I had peace and I smiled and said, "It's because God wanted something better." 

I walked up stairs and was listening to the song I just wrote You Are My Destiny on my iPod, then suddenly God surprised me and said, "THIS is Unifying Glory!!!" I was shocked and was taken back, I said.. "What!? Are You serious God?!" He said, "Yes, I Am serious! The song is about unity˜ being connected One in Love˜ pure love Destined to be together…THAT is Unifying Glory!!!! It will bring people together and connect their hearts. It's a Love˜Unifying Symphony! It will return the father's hearts back to their children and the children's hearts back to the father… Separated families will be united again just as it was prophesied."

He also showed me it will also bring Unity with God! God had mercy and turned His heart again to the rebellious children and the children are going to turn their hearts back to Him! 

I was so elated, honored and blessed at what God told me I could hardly contain my joy but I didn't tell my husband yet, because I wanted to surprise him with it on Christmas Eve. 

I thought this was just a special love song that I wrote for my husband but God had a bigger plan!!!!

God's Greater Plan!

Since the song I wrote was just over 3 minutes.. I was wondering time wise, how it could be my next Glory CD… even though I knew, if He says it works ˜ I know there is no doubt, it works! 

I asked God about it for a couple of days.. and then in the morning of 12/21/14, He revealed to me something greater..Another Miracle Happened!

As I was worshiping, God showed me that it IS Unifying Glory but just a part…He said, "The song you wrote, You Are My Destiny, IS Unifying Glory, it's the Heart of it. You wrote that song out of a pure heart of love and destined unity for your husband…

This time, I want to you compose for ME! One with Me in My Glory!"

"We were destined to be together as one in Unity, that's why I sent the glory and prayed that we may be as one. I will unite hearts and families back together as one with Me and with each other. The enemy has divided families, broke apart homes, and even had people turn away and leave Me. My Glory will Unite them again."

I was so blessed and honored that Jesus wanted me to compose for Him, I stepped out in faith to bring Him glory and honor His request and in just a couple of tries, It was happening!!!

I composed Unifying Glory!.. Effortlessly in His Glory! His Presence and Glory was so near and Glorious, it was like electricity was going through my body as I played ˜ I was One with Him in Glory! 

It was the prayer of Jesus to the Father that we have unity being one with Him˜He gave us the Glory so we may be united in the same way Jesus and the Father were united! John 17.

This is the greatest work I have be blessed to do so far!

The first 5 Glory CDs were recorded with the sound God gave to me supernaturally from Heaven. Unifying Glory was recorded with the sound Majesty˜ that I created for Heaven. I am so honored and blessed God has chosen this sound for this CD that was prophesied about!

I can't stop listening to it! It is changing the atmosphere, bringing so much peace and unity and filling my heart with His love. My heart thrills with so much JOY!

I am looking forward to releasing this supernatural heavenly symphony ˜ Unifying Glory as soon as I can that hearts may be returned and united for His Glory!


To God Be All The Glory!!!!

For His Glory!

˜Nichole Lawrence˜


"It is my honor to endorse Nichole Lawrence's new CD. Nichole has truly been called, anointed and blessed by God in this her newest endeavor. It has already become my favorite CD out of all of the ones that God has had her produce. The name of the album UNIFYING GLORY has been properly named. There is a spiritual quality about this music which is different than her previous albums. One of the greatest desires I have as a minister of the gospel is to see the unity of the body of Christ come together like it did in the book of Acts. I informed my sound people this last Sunday that this newest album from Nichole will be the CD we need to use during ministry time. The reality of Christ is so profound on the CD you can literally sense the presence of God as you listen to Nichole play the keyboard under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Out of all of her albums this is the one that I would recommend 1st  above the rest, even though they all have their place and time. This definitely is a masterpiece, to whom God be the glory and the praise."

Rev. Dr. Michael H. Yeager   Jesus is Lord Ministries

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