School of Dreamology (Hardcopy Course) by Jeremy Lopez
School of Dreamology (Hardcopy Course) by Jeremy Lopez
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This is a first in its class pertaining strictly to dreams and how to dissect them. In this 4-week course, you will discover how to analyze the settings, characters, movement, numbers, symbols and much more pertaining to your "God" dreams. When God speaks to us through dreams, we must know the what, how, when and why of these "visuals" He is showing us within dreams. 

God speaks to His people in many different ways BUT He uses dreams to ALL people in church and out of church - from different backgrounds and walks of life. Dreams can open up a person and shift them to a whole new level by speaking to the depths of their spirit while they sleep! Get ready to discover things that will change your life forever! This course will teach you on subjects such as:

  • How to understand the symbols in your dreams
  • Why the dream dimension?
  • The seeing ability in your dreams
  • Numerology within dreams
  • Creating and maintaining your dreams
  • The hidden codes within our dreams
  • And much, much more!

Plus a BONUS Soaking Music CD Expericence that is actually called "The Experience"

Included in the course:

Welcome letter, Course syllabus, 12 Teaching CDs, 1 Introduction DVD, 1 E-book and 1 Bonus Soaking Music CD

Introduction DVD

Week 1: Dream Importance

Week 2: Dream Seeing

Week 3: Key Within Dreams

Week 4: Dream Visuals

Bonus Soaking Music CD: The Experience

PLUS....... ANOTHER Bonus: Entering the Dream Dimension (Book)



Jeremy's DREAM course is a MUST! I was just blown away by Jeremy's knowledge and wisdom.  I have taken other dream courses and have found this one to be absolutely outstanding!!! This course is definitely in a league of its own. I was literally on the edge of my seat when I was listening. It's not just about descriptions of dreams and what they mean. Jeremy goes beyond the surface of a dream. He intricately and strategically describes the What, Why and How.  I was so blessed by what I learned. I am so grateful to have taken this course because it takes a DREAM to a different level.

Thank you, Jeremy, - Marilena

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