School of Restoration (MP3 Download Course) by Jeremy Lopez
School of Restoration (MP3 Download Course) by Jeremy Lopez
School of Restoration (MP3 Download Course) by Jeremy Lopez
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School Of Restoration From Spiritual Abuse, Pitfalls And Fear

This Course includes 18 teaching modules

This course was created for those who feel they have been abused by leaders, pastors and people in general. There is life after abuse, neglection and fear. Learn today how to be free and how to recognize the weapons people/leaders use to hurt and keep others down. Learn how to recognize other peoples pain so you will understand why they hurt others as well. You are a mighty person in God with a destiny!


Week 1: Brokenness (MP3s)

1. How to Spot a Manipulator

2. Healthy VS Unhealthy Pastors

3. Spiritual Church Abuse

4. Recognizing a Victim Mentality

5. The Dark Side of a Victim Mentality


Week 2: Maintaining Your Well Being (MP3s)

1. 7 Keys to Get Rid of Fear in Your Life

2. Turning Bad Situations Around

3. Abusers, Drainers and Negative People

4. Self Esteem-Things to Look For

5. Checking Your Self Esteem at the Front Door


Week 3: Overcome Through Falls (MP3s)

1. Pitfalls to Avoid with your Identity

2. How to Shorten your Fight in Warfare

3. The Story in your Book

4. You're the Rock that Wants to Cry Out


Week 4: Getting Healthy (MP3s)

1. From Gratitude to Victorious Outcome

2. Visually grounding Your Future

3. Living Healthy Vibrationally and Spiritually

4. Being Spiritually Healthy



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