Let's Talk: 50 Daily Devotions (Book) by Elmer Towns
Let's Talk: 50 Daily Devotions (Book) by Elmer Towns
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Let's Talk

How can I change the world? The message of salvation (Good News) is powerful (Romans 1:16). It is powerful to transform your life. That's because I came to change your life. First, I change your inner world . . . your desires, attitudes, motives and love. You will love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. Then second, I can change your surrounding world . . . your family . . . your work . . . your hobbies . . . your entertainment . . . even your language and habits. This second world involves your church, home, school and place of employment. Then, third, I want to change the world out there. Let's evangelize lost people in your neighborhood . . . a new church plant . . . the mission field. You can change the world either marginally or largely. Let Me use you to change the world.

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