CLEARANCE SALE: Out of Suffering Into Glory (Book) by Sally Keiran
CLEARANCE SALE: Out of Suffering Into Glory (Book) by Sally Keiran
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Enter into the life of Jesus Christ who did not come to earth in riches and glory, but as one who would share in the suffering of mankind. He was called "a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering." He could have come exalting in his glory, but he came in human likeness and walked the road of suffering throughout his life. Out of Suffering Into Glory chronicles the life of Jesus Christ and many others who have traveled this familiar road. Suffering is not wasted as we view it from an eternal perspective. You will find encouragement, regardless of the trial you face, and know a redemptive purpose will come from it. There is One who went before you and will show you the way to rise above your present circumstance into a new realm of glory. Endorsements "Sally Keiran's book provides candid and valuable strategies for navigating through seasons of distress and grief. It will bring illumination and comfort to many sufferers. Keiran's remarkable transparency in being willing to draw back the curtain of her personal pilgrimage brings life to this narrative. Her life embodies the principles she shares, modeling in words and actions the path to maximum living. Out of Suffering Into Glory has blessed my life." Rear Admiral Barry C. Black Chaplain of the United States Senate "Sally Keiran's book, Out of Suffering into Glory, examines the question that confronts everyone at some point in their life: why am I (or my spouse, friend, child) suffering? Or perhaps, why does God allow suffering? Using her own very real experiences with suffering from an early age, Keiran explores the reality of suffering and Jesus' response to it. Using His life as an example, she demonstrates the purposes of suffering and how God means for His children to grow as a result of suffering. A must read but especially for anyone experiencing the dark night of the soul." John J. Sullivan, ServantLeader Ministries Author of Servant First! Leadership for the New Millennium

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