Songs of Rest (MP3 Download) by David Baroni
Songs of Rest (MP3 Download) by David Baroni
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This project from a Grammy-winning songwriter features vocal and instrumental tracks that convey the peace and love of God in a seamless blend of songs that will soothe, encourage, inspire and comfort the listener.

This project features 2 new tracks and some of David's best previously released music, instrumental and vocal, that conveys a profound sense of the peace, rest and love of God as found in Jesus. From the opening song "Be Still," to the closing notes of "It Is Well," this seasoned artist's offerings will inspire, refresh and encourage the listener. Pay special attention to the new song "The Love of God (Thankful).


"Songs of Rest" 

1. Be Still 
2. In This Holy Place 
3. I Will Be Still 
4. In The Quiet (Instrumental) 
5. He Is Strong 
6. Father's Heart 
7. The Love of God (Thankful) 
8. No Ways Tired 
9. Restful Waters (Instrumental) 
10. Jesus Is Our Promised Land 
11. I Rest In You 
12. Love's Still Here 
13. It Is Well With My Soul (Instrumental) 

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