Vessels of Fire (MP3 CD ROM) by Jill Austin
Vessels of Fire (MP3 CD ROM) by Jill Austin
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Passion and Fire
Caution: this teaching is full of fire! Revelation and impartation are released as Jill makes prophetic proclamations. Are you willing to be a history maker full of fire, boldly proclaiming the Word of God? Your heart will be gripped with a desire to surrender to God's will and prophetic destiny for your life.

Are You a Cracked Pot?
This challenging allegory traces the transformation of a broken clay vessel, shaped by the Master Potter, into a beautiful vessel of honor for His use. This profound message will give you understanding and insight as you continue your own prophetic journey.

Carriers of the Glory
Like Peter, is your shadow dangerous? Does the glory of God radiate from you, confronting darkness around you in everyday life? This dynamic CD gives powerful keys to carrying His presence outside of the walls of the church to a hurt and dying world.

Do You Want a Visitation?
Do you hunger for a demonstration of the Holy Spirit in your life? Is there a cry in you to know God more intimately and to experience His fiery presence? Hear accounts of Jacob's ladder experiences, radical encounters with the Lord and magnificent angelic visitations.

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