Holy Spirit Fire (MP3 CD) by Jill Austin
Holy Spirit Fire (MP3 CD) by Jill Austin
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Holy Spirit Fire – Jump Start Your Life(MP3 CD)

by Jill Austin


We need our hearts set on fire by the Holy Spirit! We need a God encounter! We need to cry out for a fresh baptism of fire – another Pentecost – if we want the magnitude of revival and revolution that transforms our cities and nations. Revival and war are running mates. When there is a demonstration of the Holy Spirit's power, entire nations are transformed! Intimacy is what ignites revolution but God must first set our hearts ablaze with radical passion for Jesus. We yearn to be ablaze with something worth dying for, something that would so grip and move our hearts that we would soar above the mundane and the pettiness of this world. How do we get from yearning to burning? Allow the Holy Spirit to jumpstart your heart with these radical messages!

  1. When the Lord Breaks In
  2. Holy Spirit: Best Friend of the Bridegroom
  3. Keys to the Anointing
  4. Knowing the Times and Seasons
  5. Desperation, Visitation and Anointing
  6. Do You Want a Visitation?
  7. Carriers of the Glory
  8. The Price Behind the Anointing
  9. The Prophetic Voice of an Eagle
  10. Moving in the Anointing

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