Soaking Journey (Instrumental Music MP3) by Identity Network
Soaking Journey (Instrumental Music MP3) by Identity Network
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Soaking Journey
Instrumental Music MP3
By Identity Network and Soaking Journey


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Sometimes in life, you just wanna sit still, and soak in God's amazing presence. This album will give you that sensing of floating, and God's amazing, powerful hands. It's as if we are children again, being held in the arms of a loving mother and father. This album is majestic, powerful and draws you into the space where there is just you and God
Songs Include:
1. Bathing in Eternity
2. Drenched in Hs Love
3. Floating in His Power
4. He is My Greatest Joy
5. In His Majestic Presence
6. Laying Before His Feet
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Bathing In Eternity

He is My Greatest Joy

Laying Before His Feet


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