Creating a Powerful Vision Board (Book) by Jeremy Lopez
Creating a Powerful Vision Board (Book) by Jeremy Lopez
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Creating a Powerful Vision Board
By Jeremy Lopez
It’s time to bring your dreams into reality and begin to see your vision take on a new life. In Creating a Powerful Vision Board, Dr. Jeremy Lopez, author of the bestselling book Creating Your Soul Map: Manifesting the Future You with a Vision Board, shares powerful, transformative concepts designed to illustrate the powerful, otherworldly principles at work behind the use of vision boards. Embark upon a heavenly, metaphysical journey into the mechanics at work behind vision boards and learn how your own vision board can play a vital role in manifesting the life of your dreams.
Dr. Jeremy Lopez is the Founder and President of Identity Network and Now Is Your Moment. Identity Network is one of the world's leading prophetic resource sites, offering books, teachings, and courses to a global audience. For more than thirty years, Dr. Lopez has been considered a pioneering voice within the field of the prophetic arts and his proven strategies for successful coaching are now being implemented by various training groups and faith groups throughout the world.

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