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Place of Divine Encounter (DVD) by Abner Suarez
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Place of Divine Encounter (DVD) by Abner Suarez
Experience the glory of God on this DVD!

Abner Suarez has been used as a catalyst for the Kingdom of God throughout North and South America. Abner’s ministry is marked with a prophetic/teaching anointing. His number one priority is to draw people into an encounter with the Holy Spirit and equip them to transform the world around them. Through the proclamation of this Kingdom message, hundreds have come into life changing encounters with the Holy Spirit. Many have testified to encounters with the healing, delivering, and saving grace of God.

Abner was launched into full-time ministry working as the director of the Forerunner School of Ministry, under Evangelists Patrick and Karen Schatzline. Abner worked as a Bible college instructor as well as giving students practical ministry training.

In September 2003, Abner launched For Such A Time As This, Inc., as a ministry to the nations. For Such A Time As This, Inc. is a ministry with a multi-faceted vision to bring reformation in the Church and societal transformation in the nations of the world. Abner believes that the Holy Spirit has begun an apostolic reformation that is positioning the Church to transform nations and advance the Kingdom of God in unprecedented ways.

In September of 2006, while on a missions trip with Randy Clark’s Global Awakening team, Abner had a life changing encounter with the Holy Spirit. This encounter has forever marked him and brought him into a greater understanding of the destiny upon his life. The fruit of that impartation has been an increase in the grace and authority not only upon his own life, but also a grace to equip the Church and release the Holy Spirit wherever he ministers.

Abner Suarez is a founder and President of For Such A Time As This, Inc. He is a licensed minister with the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening under the leadership of Randy Clark. He holds both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degree from Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina.






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