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The Power of the Eternal Now (book) by Jeremy Lopez
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The Power of the Eternal Now

Living in the Realm of I Am
by Jeremy Lopez

Somewhat controversial, The Power of the Eternal Now opens Christians' minds in a unique way to the truth of God outside of time. Prophet Jeremy Lopez calls believers to live in the now reality, putting aside inaction and passivity and truly grasping hold of the truth that God speaks about their lives. God exists in the eternals, which is exactly where you are called to live as well. "God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus." (Eph. 2:6 NIV) Time is an illusion when it comes to our nature as children of God. The reality of our true identity in Christ is found in the now. But often we don't want to deal with our many problems, so we look at the clock and "invent time" as a way to avoiding them. We are more than conquerors--now We are holy, chosen, beloved, accepted, redeemed, justified, and cleansed--now These are not future wishes and dreams. These are not time-based actions. These are realities of our true identity in Christ and they are found in the now.

Is your favorite game reinventing the past and inventing the future? Stop. Learn to live in the now-exactly where God wants you to be, with Him. We are holy, chosen, beloved, accepted, redeemed, justified, and cleansed-now!



'Jeremy Lopez opens a unique albeit challenging door to many in his newest book, The Power of the Eternal Now.

Having already been familiar with the writer and his ministry, I knew this would not be a hum-drum religious read. Rather it is a book that certainly challenges traditional Christian thinking with concepts that some might think to be a bit New Agey. Yet it is laced with solid Scripture throughout.
A core Scripture he references is Ephesians 2:6, "God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus."
Lopez challenges us to come out of our complacent mindsets regarding the past and the future and appeals to us to live fully in the present, in the Eternal now of God or the realm of I Am; just as the Father desires and has provided believers access to do through Christ.

I was personally challenged by some parts of this book but found it to be an invitation to allow the Holy Spirit to take any wrong mindsets I might have out of the proverbial box. I honestly found the book to be quite refreshing and thought provoking. It really made me stop and look at certain biblical passages in a whole different light. And it made me think about where I focus my thoughts and energy most - in the past, the present or the future. Perhaps this is some of what God had in mind when He prompted me to read this book. It was also very timely for me and where I am in my life right now. And that's the central theme - living in the now of Christ.

We've all been constrained in some way by the past or by waiting on something to unfold in the future. I know I have. Meanwhile, the present passes us by and after reading this book I have to wonder, What are we missing? Yes, there are times that we must wait on the Lord but equally; what do we do while we're waiting? I think that's another topic for another day.

This book is nine chapters long and each chapter ends with Questions to Ponder and Spiritual Exercises to help aid the reader in becoming more aware of the present. I think that's something we can all benefit from.

The thing I like about Jeremy Lopez is that he expounds on the wisdom of people from all walks of life while never compromising or substituting the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, I believe The Power of the Eternal Now stretches our faith in a good and needed way and challenges us to live more fully in the present moment of God. After all, now is all we really have.


Excerpts from the book:

"When you think about it, what holds reality together? Did God just wind up the universe like a clockmaker and walk away? Or does God spill into, hold together, and utterly transcend every atom & molecule of existence?" - Jeremy Lopez, The Power of the Eternal Now

If we began to love God THROUGH loving one another, we as a planet would be that much closer to fulfilling Jesus' great commandment. - Jeremy Lopez, The Power of the Eternal Now

God is impossible to have "figured out", but is easy to love. - Jeremy Lopez, The Power of the Eternal Now

We are obsessed with the future. We can break this obsession by observing a simple fact: The future will never arrive. It is unattainable. It is another construct of time that limits the way we live today. It is a way to push action or change or thought into another space in time, essentially ignoring it. - Jeremy Lopez, The Power of the Eternal Now
If you've ever wanted to remodel your bathroom, you can do it next month. Do you want to start saving money for a new car? Start with your next paycheck. In our minds, we imagine these things happening in the future, and it appeases us in the present. But the reality is that the thing is NOT HAPPENING. The concept of the future or tomorrow is completely illusory! Tomorrow never comes. -Jeremy Lopez, The Power Of The Eternal Now
A shift happens at the core of our being when we commit ourselves to practice God's present-tense presence; a synching with the Spirit occurs, where our spirits can say with God's Spirit, "I am!" - Jeremy Lopez, The Power Of The Eternal Now

We are standing in the great hour of God's good will. The mind of Christ is our freely offered gift now, if we'll just enter in. We cannot afford to be deceived by feelings that imagine the past as something better than God's best, which is always housed in the Now. - Jeremy Lopez, The Power Of The Eternal Now


Dr. Jeremy Lopez is founder of Identity Network is an apostolic and prophetic resource website with over 153,000 subscribers. He is an international prophet and motivational speaker with a revelatory knowledge of Scripture, universal laws, mysteries, patterns, and cycles.

He serves on many governing boards and holds a Doctorate of Divinity.






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