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CThe Call of an Intercessor (4 Teaching CD Set) by Tammy Alsup, Martha Lucia, Mike Brumback and others - Click To Enlarge
The Call of an Intercessor (4 Teaching CD Set) by Tammy Alsup, Martha Lucia, Mike Brumback and others
Tammy Alsup, Martha Lucia, Mike Brumback and others - (SKU#: NM38485)

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The Call of an Intercessor

 4 Teaching CD Set

by Tammy Alsup,  Martha Lucia, Mike Brumback and Jane Hamon

CD 1: The Role  of an Intercessor by Tammy Alsup

CD 2  The Watchman on the Wall Part 1 & 2 by Martha Lucia

CD 3: Intercession, After God's Own Heart Part 1 & 2 by Mike Brumback

CD 4: 40 Days of Prayer by Jane Hamon

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Martha Lucia is an anointed Watchman/Prophet with an Apostolic call to lay a foundation of prayer and the Word of the Lord in the lives of God's people. Through fervent prayer and the study of His Word, the Lord has given Martha revelatory keys of effective prayer and divine strategies to see the strongholds of the enemy dismantled and the Kingdom of God established in the local church as well as in cities, states and nations.

Martha relocated to north Florida in 1992, where she heads the intercessory prayer teams for Christian International Ministries Network.  In 1996, she was ordained as the General of Intercession, with a mandate from God to raise up an army of intercessors.  The Lord has positioned Martha to be a pioneer in the area of teaching intercession, and to bring the Church back to an effective prayer life and strong intercession, including times of spiritual birthing and travail.

In 2002 Martha responded to the call of God to join Christian International Europe. She has focused much of her ministry time in England and has had the opportunity to travel to many other European countries in the 40/70 window teaching and training about the watchman.  While in the 40/70 nations she has lead intercessory teams to key locations to pray, prophesy, and decree over the land.

Dr. Jane Hamon,

Senior Pastor, Christian International Family Church. Worldwide conference and seminar speaker

 Dr. Jane Hamon is co-pastor and vision holder, along with her husband Dr. Tom Hamon, of Christian International Family Church in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Her ministry is characterized by the apostolic-prophetic covering she provides to the church; her role as a Board of Governor for Dr. Bill Hamon, her father-in-law; a teacher and activator in seminars about "Dreams and Visions;" and her traveling ministry as a prophetess world-wide. Dr. Jane Hamon's ministry thrust is to inspire the people she ministers to with courage to fulfill their destiny. She is a role model for women in ministry and to women and men alike all over the world. She ministers hope and life to people who are bound. She teaches with an apostolic anointing through clear discernment to win the battle through spiritual warfare not only for the people of God but for churches to overcome and win their cities, countries, and nations to clear the pathway and prepare the way for God's move. Her ministry in the Word is delivered with the power of God and signs following. As a visionary she reasons, instructs and imparts with God inspired creativity. Author of The Cyrus Decree, The Deborah Company, and Dreams and Visions, Dr. Jane delivers clarity to the Body of Christ concerning the move of God within the workplace today. Dr. Jane resides in Santa Rosa Beach, FL with her husband Tom, son Jason, and daughter Crystal. Their daughter Tiffany and son-in-law, Jason, live in Freeport, Fl.

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The Call of an Intercessor (4 Teaching MP3 Download) by Tammy Alsup, Martha Lucia, Mike Brumback and others
Tammy Alsup, Martha Lucia, Mike Brumback and others
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