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CMaturing in the Prophetic Series Set (3 Teaching CD Set) by Paul Cain, Jerry Hester and Bob Jones - Click To Enlarge
Maturing in the Prophetic Series Set (3 Teaching CD Set) by Paul Cain, Jerry Hester and Bob Jones
Paul Cain, Jerry Hester and Bob Jones - (SKU#: NM38885)

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Maturing in the Prophetic
Identity Network's Series Set
3 Teaching Set on 4 CD's
by Paul Cain, Jerry Hester and Bob Jones

CD 1: Prophetic Impartation  - Paul Cain
CD 2: The Importance of the Prophetic Part 1 - Jerry Hester
CD 3: The Importance of the Prophetic Part 2 - Jerry Hester
CD 4: Prophetic Training - Bob Jones

Paul Cain has led a life marked by a touch of the supernatural. Before his birth, an angel had appeared to his mother with a message from the Lord: "The fruit of your womb is a male child. Name him Paul. He will preach the gospel as the Apostle Paul of old."

In 1947, at the age of 18, Paul began to hold citywide salvation and healing campaigns in tents, civic auditoriums and churches. He became one of many prominent preachers in a move of the Spirit known as the "Healing Revival" which lasted from 1947 to 1958.

During the great healing revival, Paul's ministry reached international proportions. In 1954, his manager purchased the world's largest gospel tent from Jack Coe, and Paul toured the country, filling it with thousands of people wherever he went. The tent held 8,000 people.

In 1957, Paul ministered in Switzerland, as well as Karlsruhe, Germany (sponsored by the State Church). These meetings were attended by more than 30,000 people each night for one week. There were many salvations and healing miracles as the Lord confirmed His word with signs and wonders.

During the height of his public ministry, the Lord began to speak to Paul about the excesses of the healing-revival movement. For the next few years, Paul watched in agony as many of the leaders of the healing-revival movement suffered moral failures involving money, sex, and power, and lost their ministries or seemed to die prematurely, or in infamy. By 1958, Paul had become totally disheartened. At age 29, he was disillusioned and burned out.

Jerry Hester
is Pastor of Dominion Community Church in South Carolina. They are affiliated with the Christian International Apostolic Network and are Pastors that are ordained under Christian International.  Bishop Bill Hamon ordained Apostle Jerry Hester as an Apostle and Pastor; and his wife Martha as a Prophetess. They serve as an Apostolic Oversight Team for the mid-east region of the Christian International Apostolic Network. Our calling and purpose is Prophetic and Apostolic in nature, with a vision for pioneering Present Truth realities to the church and to the world.

Bob Jones seems to walk with the Lord both day and night, and the supernatural is an everyday occurrence to Bob. As Bob begins to minister prophetically to an individual the Lord moves through Bob, touching on their past wounds, present circumstances, and future dreams that they may be made whole. "I just tell them what the Lord reveals to me," Bob says.

Bob was born in Gravely, Ark., the son of a sharecropper. One summer day when Bob was nine years old, he was walking down a dust road when an angel appeared to him. The angel told Bob that he had come to announce the calling the Lord had placed on his life. Bob was paralyzed. "I'd heard preached in the Baptist church that when the angel came, he'd blow his horn and time would be no more. I thought the time of the end had come, " Bob said.

When Bob was 13 years old, the Lord reaffirmed the calling. This time Bob was walking past a cane field when the Lord called his name out loud. "I heard my name called from the cane field and it terrorized me because I knew it was the Lord," he said.

When he was 15, the Lord supernaturally visited him and showed him the ministry he would have someday. Bob knew he was seeing the real thing. He saw the fear of the Lord. It was so terrorizing that everything within him shook. "He wasn't the God I had learned about in church where you could stand before Him and have sin in your life," Bob said. "At first I thought He was calling me to death through this experience; I didn't want to die yet!"

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Maturing in the Prophetic Series Set (3 MP3 Teaching Set) by Paul Cain, Jerry Hester and Bob Jones
Paul Cain, Jerry Hester and Bob Jones
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